Are you looking for a way to maximize your workouts? Would you like to burn more fat without losing the muscle you have worked so hard to build? We may have just the tip for you. If you haven’t heard of high intensity interval training, better known by the acronym HIIT, you may have just stumbled upon the holy grail of exercise.

High intensity interval training requires that you include some variation in the level of intensity with which you perform an exercise. For example, if you decide to try some HIIT on a treadmill, you may walk for one minute and run for two minutes. One of the great things about exercising this way is that you can change your intensity aerobically and anaerobically, using weights. Aside from it being a versatile way to exercise, there are many more benefits of HIIT, see for yourself!

Convenient. You do not need an expensive gym membership or even large amounts of time to fit an effective HIIT workout into your busy schedule. If you can believe it, studies have shown that you can do more in one 15 minute HIIT workout than you can in an hour of non-HIIT. You can also do an interval workout. If you’re interested in trying to example of alternating between walking and running, find a trail near your home or hit the nearest sidewalk for some scenery.

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Burn that fat – Oh yes, we said it. You can burn more fat with an HIIT workout. Research shows that a high intensity workout can kickstart your metabolism like no other and keep your body working hard to burn more calories even after you finish your workout.

Keep those muscles – If you are interested in keeping those hard-earned muscles of yours, continue your lifting and weight training regime in addition to interval training workouts. This way you can burn the fat that you want without losing the muscle mass that you want too.

HIIT, HIIT, good for your heart – With heart disease as one of the leading killers in this country, who wouldn’t want a stronger heart? HIIT has a wonderful and magical way of helping you burn fat, keep your muscle while strengthening the most important muscle you have! Studies show that after only a couple of months, those who engage in intensity training are able to do about twice what they were able to do with exercise before. Long live your heart.

It is rewarding. Like the name suggests, a HIIT workout can be intense. It may not be a cake walk, but we can guarantee that once you feel your body becoming stronger, more toned and you are able to do more and get more out of your workouts, it will all be worth it.

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Interested in trying a high intensity workout but have no idea where to start? Click here for tons of videos.

Cheers to a stronger, healthier you. And don’t forget to dress in style–working out is always more fun when you have colorful and fun workout gear!