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GenTwenty’s Spring Reading Challenge

Spring is known to be great for a lot of different things. Cleaning, gardening, refreshing your look, and more. One of the activities I like to do is reflect on the goals and intentions I had on my mind at the beginning of the year. It gives me time and space to figure out if it’s something that I still want to pursue this year. If it’s not, I let it go. If I still want to achieve whatever the goal is, Spring gives me an opportunity to reset and refocus. Does anyone else do this?

One of those goals I am refocusing on is reading. What better way to get back on track with a reading goal than to do a reading challenge? 

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Introducing the GenTwenty Spring Reading Challenge

Since this season has a lot of activities, and growth associated with it, I think it would be a great theme for a reading challenge! The challenge is simple: see how many books you can read from this list. I’ve got a checklist you can use to track your progress throughout the next few months as well. 

Here are the categories on the checklist, as well as some suggestions if you need ideas on what to read. 

A Book Set During Spring

I couldn’t start off a spring reading challenge without a book set in the springtime. The book you pick here can be about anything and any genre, it just needs to take place in the springtime.

Here are a few ideas if you aren’t sure of what to read in this category:

A Book With a Flower or Plant Name in the Title

How long would it take you to think of flowers, plants, or gardening when you hear the word spring? I’m willing to bet it was at least in your top 10, if not the top five. So it’s definitely a theme perfect for this reading challenge!

These books may not have anything to do with Spring, or maybe it’s the main theme. Basically anything goes as long as there is a flower in the title. Here are a few books for you to consider:

A Book About Cleaning

Spring cleaning anyone? For this category I want you to read a book about topics like cleaning, organizing, decluttering, etc.. It doesn’t just have to be about your physical space either!

Here are a few different examples of cleaning books that would work for this category:

A Book With a Plant or Flower on the Cover

I must admit that I am drawn to flowers on book covers, especially in the springtime. However, just because the book looks bright and full of spring vibes, doesn’t mean that’s what it is. The phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” definitely applies here. 

All that to say, in this category you have a variety of different options to read. Anything from a romance novel to a book about gardening. Just be sure to read the book description to make sure it’s something you’ll like!

Click here to download this as a PDF!

A Book Set in a Place You Want to Travel To/About Traveling

There is something about reading a book set in a place that you want to travel to. The wanderlust feeling is even better in the springtime, at least in my opinion.

Here are a few books to get you started in this reading category:

A Book That Is a New Release

New releases are exciting because you, for the most part, get to form your own opinion on the book before other opinions sway you. It’s also fun to be part of a new viral book craze before, or right as, it goes viral.

Here are some new releases for this spring. You can find more here:

A Book from Reese’s or Oprah’s Book Club

If a book is on one of these lists you know it’s going to be a good one. I want to challenge you to go for a book that is different than what you usually read.

Here are a few options:

A Book About Personal Growth/Motivational

We at GenTwenty love personal growth books. We’ve got many reviews, like this one, on the blog that you can check out.

Here are few personal growth books to consider for this spring reading challenge:

Click here to download this as a PDF!

These last two are categories that are personal to you, so I can’t give you specific recommendations. 

A Book You Read When You Were Younger

Revisiting these books can be very nostalgic. With this time of year bringing lots of changes and milestones, like graduations, it’s fun to look back. 

A Book You Own But Haven’t Read Yet

I can’t be the only one that owns seven or more books that haven’t been touched yet!This spring reading challenge is the perfect way to read what I already have. 

Join us for the GenTwenty Spring Reading Challenge!

Will you be joining me? Let me know by commenting what book you are starting with.

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