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Spring Cleaning – Closet Edition, effective ways to clean out those never worn pieces


We all have them – items of clothing that haven’t seen the light of day in months or maybe even years. Normally it’s a dress that you bought for one night out, pants you said you fit into in a few months, or a sweater that was on sale to the point where you just had to buy it.

Maybe you wore each item once or maybe they came home from the mall and were promptly put away to a place in your closet never to be seen again. There’s no shame in having outdated or no longer loved pieces of clothing, but there’s no reason to hold onto them.

If you’re willing to get creative there are some great ways to clean out your closet that will get some cash in your pocket, help you get new pieces to add to your wardrobe, or let you help someone in need.

Here are some ideas if you want to clean out your closet this spring:

Donate them: One of the easiest ways to unload unwanted things. Most thrift stores like Value Village or the Salvation Army will accept clothing donations. You simply need to bag up your unwanted items and drop them off. They will also accept housewares, but if you want to drop of furniture with cloth check first, some areas won’t accept them for hygiene reasons.

Host a clothing swap with your friends: This is a great excuse for a free evening with your most stylish friends. Have everyone clean out their closet and bring over items they no longer need or want and everyone can visit and drink wine while refreshing their own wardrobes without spending a penny. If there are some unclaimed items at the end of the night, donate them to charity.

Donating to charities like “Dress for Success”: Check if there are charities in your area that accept gently worn dress clothes for women who may be down on their luck and who are attending job interviews. This is more specific than donating to a general thrift store but if you have a lot of office clothes you’re no longer wearing, it’s a great cause and you can feel good knowing your unused items are going to help someone in need.

Sell them: Sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, eBay, Poshmark, and Trend Trunk let you post unwanted items for a fee. Each site has its pros and cons so take a look at them before deciding which one works for you. Although it might take a bit more patience and time, you can turn unused clothes into cash pretty easily.

Participate in a clothing swap in your city: Some cities host city wide clothing swaps where you can swap items at a one to one ratio. This might be an option if you’re not concerned with what you get back, no friends are available to host a friends only swap, or if you just want to try out something new. Check out the Biggest Clothing Swap for information on North America’s biggest clothing swap event.

Re-craft them: This doesn’t technically count as cleaning out your closet but if you get more use out of an item it might be worth it. Consider altering unused items into items you would use. Pants too short? Turning them into shorts might be a great idea. You can also get creative with deconstructing t-shirts into tank tops and off the shoulder tops that you might get more use out of in the summer months.

Dear readers, what do you do with your unworn clothes every spring?  

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Miranda Russell

Miranda has a Bachelor’s degree from Athabasca University and currently works in marketing. She enjoys playing with her fur baby--Maverick, traveling, and training for races. She hopes to one day manage a marketing or events department for a large company.