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3 Tips to Radiate Positivity (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It)

If there’s no one there to break the ice in hard situations and create a better atmosphere, things will get tough. Be the most positive person in the room--even when you don't feel like it.

If you don’t give off good energy in a bad situation, who will?

Thinking about constant negativity in your life is hard to swallow. If there’s no one there to break the ice in hard situations and create a better atmosphere, things will get tough.

When you think about your closest group of friends or family, who brings the most positivity to the table? And what would happen if they suddenly didn’t, and situations were filled with constant negativity and bad feelings?

Sometimes, you might be the only one ready to step up and clear the air of harsh vibes, which can be hard if you aren’t used to radiating positivity all the time.

Whether you’re stressed in the workplace, at a tense gathering with friends, surrounded by family on a tough day or just in a sour situation, everything you can do to give off good energy is a step in the right direction and better for all those around you.

Here are some key elements of giving off that positive energy that those around you may need:


Showing others how much you appreciate them does wonders for everyone’s mood.

When researching the effects of thankfulness on our moods and relationships, I came across 31 benefits of gratitude, including:

  • More optimism
  • More relaxation
  • Happier memories
  • More respect
  • Increased productivity
  • Better overall happiness

I think an important part of showing how grateful you are to others is to give them specifics.

Everyone likes hearing, “You’re nice,” or “You’re hardworking,” but it feels even better to hear, “Thanks for pushing that project forward. You’re really easy to work with and it helped me out a lot!”

Genuine Enthusiasm

Number one rule of creating better energy–don’t be fake. It shows.

It may not be a fun situation, and if you’re not feeling it, don’t force it. Sometimes what your group needs is someone to state the obvious elephant in the room: this sucks. And sometimes, just admitting how awful things are can get your group on a unified front.

When you can show off your best self and express positivity, be genuine.

Radiating genuine positivity is so important to everyone in the room. It comforts others to know that someone can see the light in the situation. But if you’re putting up a front and being fake, they’ll see right through you.

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The Little Things

Just smiling more can turn the mood of those around you upside down. You may not realize how much positivity you can let shine when you focus on making the little things throughout day big things: a positive emoji at the end of a text, a thank you note at the end of an email or a smile at the end of a tough conversation can make all the difference. The little things are what turn negative feelings into positive action, and even the smallest gesture can spark inspiration to turn the day right side up.

For example, if you’re looking to help your family feel better about a hard day, invest 10 minutes + $5 to write them a handwritten note. If you’re looking to motivate your coworkers, order a pizza. If you’re hoping to create better vibes in your close-knight group of friends, send out a quick text about how grateful you are for all of them. Little things are just that–little–but they can make an infinite difference.

Sometimes it’s hard to constantly radiate positivity and give off the good vibes that you want to. So here’s your pep talk:

You’re awesome. You’re unique. You’re doing a good job at whatever you’re doing. You’re being your best self, and you’re constantly working to be your best self. You’re kind, loving, selfless and sometimes, people will need you to shine. Your good vibes need to show. You’ll bring light to tough situations, and others with be so thankful for your presence and positivity. So don’t let that light burn out–radiate your good energy to all.

A positivity pep talk.

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