8 Quick Tips To Stay Organized This Summer

Ahh, those summer days when you can kick back and relax. You may want to laze around, take long weekend trips and stay out late at night. Organization isn’t needed, right?

But wait a minute. Clutter doesn’t stop accumulating just because it’s summer. So why should you stop keeping your home (and yourself) organized?

Do you think that stopping your organizing projects over the summer is a good idea? In the hope to change your mind, here is a list of things that can happen when you stop decluttering and start procrastinating:

  • You will forget where you left off. Some projects need to be completed within a short amount of time because they are more complicated and need more of your attention. By setting it aside for several months, you may forget where you left off and have to start all over again.
  • You will get overwhelmed with the project, no matter what it is, home, school, work or otherwise. This will particularly happen with projects you meant to start but never did. Then the months pass and the work gets bigger and get more hidden.
  • You will never get back to it. If you have several projects in progress, you may forget to return to the other projects that you didn’t finish before the summer.

These are just three of the many things or results that can happen if you stop doing projects or organization projects this summer. Do you dare not to continue your organizing projects? If those results don’t scare you enough, these 8 tips below will help you move beyond and overcome your procrastination this summer.

8 Quick Tips To Stay Organized and Overcome Procrastination This Summer

1. All you need is 15 minutes

Schedule 15 minutes each night to do a clean sweep of the house. This is where you put all the small items that were left out during the day back in their place. Trash goes in the trash can, plates go in the dishwasher… you get the idea.

2. Pick the time of day you least like to be outside

If you don’t like the heat the hottest point of the day, stay inside from 12pm to 1pm or 3pm to 4pm. This gives you a chance to be productive indoors and do some of your indoor projects.

3. Start with the project you want to do first OR eat the frog

If you start with the project you want to do first, this gets you motivated to continue with the projects that you dislike. If you eat the frog and do the project you dislike first, it gets it out of the way and allows you to focus on more enjoyable, exciting tasks.

4. Keep in mind the frequently used areas

Clear all the floors and tables that are frequently used like the stairs, hallways, and kitchen surfaces. By doing this it will make your home look less cluttered. A clean home doesn’t have to be immaculate, it just needs to be tidy and clutter-free.

5. Create systems

After you clear a frequently used area, create a system that will help you to keep it organized in the future. Here are some examples:

  • Add a table with a bin for mail
  • Add baskets to stairs for smaller items that go upstairs or downstairs
  • Hang a key ring holder for all the frequently used keys

6. Take advantage of the rainy days

Check the weather and see when in the next week where it may rain and plan what you want to do on that day.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Keep in mind that this will help you speed up the decluttering and organization process and then you can get on with your next adventure. A big piece of advice would be to find someone who won’t judge you throughout the process.

8. Get yourself motivated

Motivate yourself to do the project by telling yourself you can do it and get it done. Don’t allow negative talk to stop you from completing the project. You can also have a reward in mind to give yourself for doing an amazing job. And don’t forget to give yourself the reward after you do the project.

Hopefully these tips give you lots of motivation to complete your projects and get your home organized. Now go ahead and make the most of your summer!