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8 Ways to Celebrate National Lazy Day

Lazy Day is an unofficial national holiday celebrated annually on August 10. While the history of how National Lazy Day came to be remains more or less unknown, the holiday gives you license to honor your inner couch potato.

Did you know that being lazy now and then is actually good for you? When you’re well-rested, you are less likely to experience burnout, have a greater attention span, and carry less stress. These benefits, among others, are reason enough to celebrate Lazy Day with full force!

Here are eight ways to celebrate National Lazy Day:

1. Sleep in.


There’s no reason to set an alarm on Lazy Day. Turn your phone off, roll over, and let your body catch up on that precious sleep. Allow yourself to wake up naturally when your body tells you it’s ready to – not when the chirping birds, sunshine, or time tells you to.

2. Unplug.


Disconnect from your phone for as much of the day as possible. When you spend your free time scrolling through your phone, you’ll be tempted to check emails, read the news, and post on Instagram. Unplug so you can fully enjoy Lazy Day distraction-free.

3. Have a movie marathon.


What better day to binge Harry Potter, Marvel movies, or a new Netflix series? Catch up on your favorite films and set up camp on your couch for the day. You have license to do absolutely nothing but eat popcorn, watch movies, and relax. Enjoy!

4. Read the day away. 


Have you ever picked up a book that you couldn’t put down? And before you realized it, the entire day passed you by? Lazy Day is the perfect day to read a book that completely transports you and consumes your whole day. Find a new title and get to reading!

5. Dust off your board games.


Grab some friends, unpack your old board games, and have a fun, lazy game day. Bring out all the oldies – Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Clue! Try newer ones, like Cards Against Humanity or New Phone, Who Dis? Games are awesome for having fun, bringing out your inner child, releasing some stress, and unwinding.

6. Order takeout for every meal.


It’s Lazy Day, remember? No need to bother with cooking or washing dishes. Try ordering in to save yourself the time and effort. Grab an egg-and-cheese bagel to go for breakfast. Order in Thai for lunch. Call in a pizza for dinner. Whatever floats your boat, order it and dig in!

7. Avoid chores at all costs.


No need to bore yourself with chores on Lazy Day. Save the overflowing basket of laundry, dirty dishes piled high in the sink, and carpet in desperate need of vacuuming for another day. Lazy Day is an anti-chore zone!

8. Wear your pjs all day long.


The best part about Lazy Day is getting to wear comfy clothes guilt-free. Ditch the jeans and opt for pajama bottoms. Hey, no need to shower if you don’t want to. If you really want to do National Lazy Day right, lounge around in your pjs and enjoy every second of it.

Lazy Day is your perfect excuse to push responsibilities aside and honor your inner sloth for a whole day without a care in the world. Take advantage of this hall pass to slack off and run with it! It’s okay to take days off, in fact it’s something we should all be doing regularly! 

Even if you don’t celebrate lazy day to the fullest extent this year, start incorporating these activities into your regular routine. Your mind and body will thank you for the rest! 

How do you plan on celebrating National Lazy Day? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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