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30 Most Lucrative Careers For an Artistic Personality Type

People with artistic personality types often thrive in careers that allow for creativity, self-expression, and the opportunity to bring ideas to life.

An artistic personality type is often characterized by a unique set of qualities and traits that fuel creativity, self-expression, and a penchant for innovation. While individuals vary, common qualities associated with an artistic personality include:

  1. Creativity: An innate ability to generate original ideas, think outside the box, and approach challenges with a unique perspective.
  2. Imagination: A vivid and imaginative mind that envisions possibilities beyond conventional boundaries, fostering a rich internal world.
  3. Open-Mindedness: A willingness to explore new ideas, perspectives, and experiences, coupled with an openness to unconventional solutions.
  4. Sensitivity: Heightened emotional awareness, allowing for deep connections to one’s own emotions and the emotions of others.
  5. Expressiveness: A natural inclination to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas through various forms of expression, such as art, writing, or performance.
  6. Curiosity: An inherent desire to explore, learn, and seek inspiration from diverse sources, whether it’s different cultures, art forms, or experiences.
  7. Intuition: The ability to tap into intuition and gut feelings, guiding decision-making processes, especially in creative endeavors.
  8. Independence: A tendency to march to the beat of one’s own drum, valuing individuality and maintaining a sense of autonomy.
  9. Flexibility: A comfort with uncertainty and a capacity to adapt to changing circumstances, allowing for a fluid and dynamic creative process.
  10. Passion: An intense enthusiasm and dedication to pursuits that ignite artistic expression, often driving a lifelong commitment to creative endeavors.
  11. Nonconformity: A resistance to rigid norms and a willingness to challenge societal expectations, leading to unique and unconventional approaches.
  12. Appreciation for Aesthetics: A heightened sensitivity to beauty and aesthetics, often translating into a keen eye for design, balance, and composition.
  13. Risk-Taking: A willingness to take risks and embrace uncertainty in the pursuit of artistic vision, pushing boundaries and experimenting with new ideas.
  14. Emotional Depth: An ability to tap into and convey complex emotions through creative outlets, fostering a deeper connection with one’s own and others’ feelings.
  15. Perseverance: A determination to overcome challenges and setbacks in the pursuit of artistic goals, coupled with resilience in the face of criticism.

While these qualities are often associated with artistic personalities, it’s essential to recognize the diversity within this category, as individuals may possess a combination of these traits to varying degrees.

With that said, here are 30 careers that align well with artistic personalities. If you tend to have artistic personality traits, you might really thrive in these creative careers and work environments. If you’re interested in learning more about salary information, look it up on PayScale.

 careers for artistic personality type

30 Most Lucrative Careers For Artistic Personality Type

Graphic Designer

Average Salary: Around $53,380

Being a graphic designer suits an artistic personality type as it allows for boundless creative expression, problem-solving, and continuous learning.

Graphic designers shape visual communication, leverage versatile skills across mediums, and find intrinsic satisfaction in crafting aesthetically pleasing and impactful designs, fostering a fulfilling and dynamic career.


Average Salary: Around $36,280

Being a photographer is ideal for an artistic personality as it offers limitless creative expression, the ability to capture unique perspectives, and the opportunity to tell compelling visual stories.

Photographers can showcase their individuality, explore diverse subjects, and find intrinsic satisfaction in creating powerful and emotive imagery.


Average Salary: Around $50,550

Being an illustrator suits an artistic personality, offering a canvas for boundless creativity and self-expression. Illustrators translate ideas into captivating visuals, enjoying the freedom to convey unique narratives.

This career allows artists to showcase their individual style, explore diverse themes, and find fulfillment in bringing imaginative concepts to life.


Average Salary: Around $77,700

Being an animator suits creative individuals as it offers a canvas for dynamic visual storytelling. Animators bring characters and scenes to life, expressing creativity through movement and emotion.

The field’s versatility, collaborative nature, and continuous innovation provide an ideal environment for artistic expression and career fulfillment.

Art Director:

Average Salary: Around $119,095 to $168,677

Art directors oversee visual aspects of projects, allowing creatives to shape the overall aesthetic. They collaborate with teams, ensuring a cohesive visual identity in areas like advertising, film, or publishing.

Fashion Designer:

Average Salary: Around $54,915 and $66,668

Fashion designers blend creativity with technical skills to craft clothing and accessories. Those who love fashion design will thrive in creating unique designs, exploring trends, and expressing their vision through wearable art.

Interior Designer:

Average Salary: Around $51,491

Interior designers transform spaces, harmonizing aesthetics and functionality. If you excel in creating visually pleasing and personalized environments, considering color schemes, furniture, and decor, this could be a good fit for you!

Video Game Designer:

Average Salary: Around $149,118

Video game designers create immersive experiences by blending storytelling with visual elements. In this role, you’ll contribute to character design, environments, and overall aesthetics, shaping the visual identity of virtual worlds.


Average Salary: Around $63,739

Architects design structures, combining artistic flair with technical knowledge. If you go into this field, you’ll shape skylines, envisioning buildings that are both functional and visually striking.

 careers for artistic personality type

Web Designer:

Average Salary: Around $67,336

Web designers craft the visual aspects of websites. If you excel in creating user-friendly and visually appealing online experiences, working with layouts, color schemes, and multimedia elements, this might be for you. Web design can cover a lot of interest areas and is something worth exploring if you like the visual arts.

Film Director:

Average Salary: Around $65,315

Film directors guide the creative vision of a movie, overseeing artistic aspects like cinematography and storytelling. You might thrive in translating ideas into visually compelling narratives on the big screen.

Creative Director:

Average Salary: Around $146,016

Creative directors lead artistic teams, setting the overall vision in fields like advertising or design. In this role, you’ll guide projects, ensuring a cohesive and impactful creative direction.


Average Salary: Around $45,487

Painters express emotions and ideas on canvas. If you find joy in using various techniques and styles, creating visual narratives that evoke feelings and leave a lasting impact, this could be a good career path for you.


Average Salary: Around $88,887

Sculptors shape three-dimensional forms, using materials like clay or metal. If you enjoy the tactile nature of sculpting, bringing ideas to life in a physical and tangible way, this could be the type of work you’d thrive in within the art industry.

Tattoo Artist:

Average Salary: Around $59,132

Tattoo artists blend artistry with personal expression. In this field, you would create unique, permanent designs, collaborating with clients to turn ideas into body art. You’ll need a lot of work experience to charge high rates but some tattoo artists make multiple six figures.

Makeup Artist:

Average Salary: Around $20,500 – $31,499

Makeup artists use their skills to enhance beauty or create transformative looks. Makeup artists excel in using color, texture, and technique to convey artistic expression through makeup.

For those drawn to the beauty industry, pursuing a career as a Makeup Artist isn’t the only path. Exploring schools offering cosmetology training and certification can open doors to various opportunities where creativity meets technique, allowing for diverse career paths within personal aesthetics and beauty care.

Set Designer:

Average Salary: Around $45,538 to $67,209

Set designers shape the visual environment for theater, film, or events. Set designers contribute to the atmosphere, designing sets that enhance storytelling and captivate audiences.


Average Salary: Around $47,707

Musicians create and perform music, expressing emotions through sound. Musicians find fulfillment in composing, playing instruments, and connecting with audiences through their musical creations.


Average Salary: Around $41,512

Composers craft musical pieces, contributing to various projects. Music lovers in this field shape the auditory experience, translating emotions and narratives into memorable musical scores.


Average Salary: Around $46,960

Actors portray characters, bringing stories to life on stage or screen. Actors and actresses immerse themselves in roles, using their creativity and emotional range to deliver compelling performances.


Average Salary: Around $37,913

Dancers express emotions and narratives through movement. Creatives in dance use their bodies as a canvas, creating visual poetry with choreography and performance.


Average Salary: Around $41,831

Choreographers design dance routines, orchestrating movement and storytelling. Creatives in this role shape performances, creating visually stunning and emotionally resonant dance sequences.

 careers for artistic personality type

Art Therapist:

Average Salary: Around $48,660

Art therapists use artistic activities to support mental health. You might find fulfillment in helping others express emotions and process experiences through creative interventions.

Craft Artist:

Average Salary: Around $55,119

Craft artists create handmade items, merging functionality with artistic expression. You might enjoy the hands-on process of crafting unique and visually appealing objects.


Average Salary: Around $62,361

Cinematographers capture the visual essence of a film, working with directors to create compelling visuals. In this role, you would use lighting, framing, and composition to enhance storytelling through the camera lens.

Creative Writer:

Average Salary: Around $54,813

Creative writers craft stories, poems, or scripts, expressing ideas through words. If you find joy in weaving narratives, creating worlds, and connecting with audiences through written expression, creative writing might be for you! This type of role may require a bachelor’s degree.

If you are looking for a higher income career, you can sharpen your writing skills and work in technical writing for a day job.

Jewelry Designer:

Average Salary: Around $64,295

Jewelry designers create wearable art, using metals, gems, and unique designs. If you excel in crafting pieces that reflect personal style and evoke emotions, this could be a great fit for you!

Floral Designer:

Average Salary: Around $68,661

Floral designers arrange flowers, creating visually stunning displays. In this field you’ll use color, shape, and texture to bring beauty to events, weddings, or daily life. It’s a great career to explore for artistic types with a green thumb.

Gallery Curator:

Average Salary: Around $68,844

Gallery curators shape art exhibitions, showcasing diverse works. If you like leadership positions, this could be a good fit for you. In this role, you’ll contribute to the curation of visual experiences, fostering appreciation for various artistic expressions. I would not pursue this if you are just looking for a creative outlet, this is for someone who lives and breaths art.

Museum Educator:

Average Salary: Around $57,098

Museum educators engage audiences with art and history. In this role, you’ll share knowledge, spark curiosity, and contribute to the appreciation of cultural and artistic heritage.

 careers for artistic personality type

Final Thoughts On Careers For Artistic People

These careers offer a diverse range of opportunities for artistic individuals to express themselves, contribute to creative projects, and make a meaningful impact in various fields. Each role allows for the pursuit of artistic passions while contributing to the visual, auditory, or tactile aspects.

Other careers might include becoming marketing managers, working in social media, being an event planner or being a music producer – think of these roles as adjacent to the ones listed above!

These careers span various industries, including design, entertainment, fine arts, and more, providing ample opportunities for artistic individuals to pursue fulfilling and creative paths. It’s important to explore these options further to determine which aligns best with specific interests and skills.

Don’t be afraid to try new things in your pursuit for meaningful work! Try your hand at a different creative project every week until you find something that sticks.

One of the best ways to figure out a career you are interested in is to job shadow or do informational interviews. Creative people often love sharing their work so don’t be afraid to reach out to people who inspire you! Good luck on your journey to finding the right career and perfect job for you.

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