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Life Lessons From Gossip Girl (and Why We Still Miss Serena and Blair)

7 Life Lessons From Gossip Girl - That We'll Never Forget (xoxo)

Since the cast of Gossip Girl took its final bow, the world has been a darker, less sparkly place. Even though we no longer get to spend an hour each week with our favorite privileged Upper East Siders, Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate, and Lonely Boy are still with us. We carry them and their designer labels in our hearts.

We also carry the lessons they taught us about life, relationships, and that yes, money can buy happiness… if you know where to shop. Nothing’s better than a reunion with a dear friend, which is why we thought it was time to take a walk down memory lane (or Park Avenue) with our Gossip Girl  crew.

Let’s take a look back at all the wonderfully delicious reasons we still miss Serena and Blair – and the most important things we learned from devotedly watching their antics.

Here are seven life lessons from Gossip Girl that we’ll never forget:

1. Best Friends are Important

There’s something special about that one person who knows you better than anyone else. If you have a friend you grew up with, hold on to them. That shared past is special and whether you ride off into the sparkling Upper East Side sunset together or not, you’ll never find another person who “fits” in your life quite the same way as your original bestie.

2. Life Should be Celebrated

Gossip Girl taught us that every moment can be made special by simply popping a cork and raising a toast. Forget waiting for a momentous occasion – it’s always the right time for champagne.

3. Confidence Covers a Multitude of Sins

She might have been Queen B, but that’s doesn’t mean Blair never experienced self-doubt. She just never let you know when she was shaking in her Louboutins.

We all have moments when we feel nervous or unsure, but the best way to squash those doubts is to march right over the top of them with our heads held high, our lipstick perfect, and the headband bow on the right.

4. It’s Never Too Late to Change

There’s no question Serena had her bad girl phase and, even though it was fascinating to watch her path to self-destruction, it was even better to see her journey of redemption. And if Serena can turn over a new leaf, we think there’s a whole lot of hope for the rest of us.

5. Have Your Bestie’s Back

Even though Serena and Blair had their ups and downs, they always ended up on the same side. And even though they might throw shade at one another, there’s no way they’d let anyone else get away with it.

6. Never Lose Faith in Happily Ever After

Chuck and Blair had the craziest roller coaster relationship, but they found their happy ending. Watching their on-again, off-again courtship proved that old adage about loving something and setting it free. They truly were soul mates, and no matter how many times they let go, they always ended up in each other’s arms.

7. Sometimes Retail Therapy is the Only Answer

Blair showed us that a well-timed shopping spree can be balm for the soul. It might not solve all our problems, but those beautiful new items gleaming at us from our closet definitely make us feel better. Added bonus if we admire them with our best pals and a glass of chilled bubbly.

We loved Gossip Girl for the killer fashion, the juicy scandals, and the hot, hot guys. But our favorite part of the show was the love and devotion the characters shared. No matter how much hot water they got into, they always ended up saving themselves and each other.

The world may seem a little less dazzling without their weekly presence, but thankfully Gossip Girl left us with enough drama, wit, and wisdom to keep us going on those days we really need some sparkle.

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