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How to Stay Close With Your Mom When You Live Far Away From Each Other

Staying close with your mom as you grow older and move away is tough, but important. Here are 3 ways to make time for each other!

From the time you were little and under your mom’s wing to now where you’re still her child, but grown up, there will never be an easy way to leave one another. Not just because she’s your mom, but because you’re probably best friends.

This isn’t like moving on to college life and having the advantage of driving home on the weekends. Moving 18 hours from home can be tough at times, especially when you can’t just hop in your car and see one another for lunch at your favorite spot in town. These miles apart make it difficult to physically interact with another, but luckily it doesn’t restrict staying close with one another.

Karli and her Mom - then and now! | How To Stay Close to Your Mom When You Live Far Away

Although you’d much rather hop on the next plane, here are some of the ways I keep in touch with my mom on a daily basis while living multiple states away.

Keeping in touch.

With all of the work chaos, stress, and other activities going on in your life, the one thing to do is stay in touch with your mom. Just like living at home, she’s there to comfort you, vent to, and tell you everything is going to be okay. Sometimes your mom just knows you and what’s best for you. Even if you live with your significant other, there’s always going to be a time where you’ll need your mom’s advice.

For some twenty-somethings it might depend on how often you stay in touch with your mom. I’m on a daily basis keep-in-touch-and-chat-about-life kind of person, and so is my mom. Even if it’s a quick 5-minute conversation over the phone or a funny text message that involves a photo or video, it’s the fact that you’ve wanted to share something that day that helps keep the relationship close.

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Not only does my mom like to hear that I’m doing well, but to see that I’m happy, and she cares enough to ask. Staying close with your mom when you live far away from one another is to check-in and just see how the other person is doing. It really can be as simple as a text message with a couple emojis attached.

FaceTime: It’s so easy.

Being able to see your mom on a daily basis (if you want to) is at your fingertips. FaceTime makes FOMO (fear of missing out) a lot less gloomy because you’re basically living the moment with them, whether it be shopping, at a family event or drinking your morning coffee.

With my FaceTime chats, I’m more of the spur of the moment and not a planner. That is the beauty of it all! For instance, I’ll FaceTime my mom when I’m in a crisis (I don’t know how to make hard boiled eggs). Yes, this really happened just this month. Or she’ll FaceTime with what outfit she should wear for a girl’s night.

Sometimes it’s better to see their face rather than just hear their voice through the phone. Having the ability to FaceTime from anywhere makes it so easy, too! Sometimes I’ll be at the store and can’t decide on what articles of clothing to purchase or I just finished up a run and wanted to walk it out. FaceTime makes everything more enjoyable when you’re wanting to quickly see your best friend, and hear their laugh.

Bond over your favorite things.

Staying close with your mom when you live far away comes easy when you have a lot in common (emphasis on a lot)! It’s a Monday night and we’re ready for The Bachelor or The Voice even when we’re in different time zones. Texting through the entire show is a casualty because we’re typically either talking about which girls we like and how funny coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are together.

We love catching up on the latest collection of wines we’ve purchased, TJMaxx finds, or the latest episode of Fixer Upper and what she’s wanting to do for the next home project. From sushi rolls to super cute shoes, we bond over it since we can’t share it anymore.

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At first it’s very hard living far away from one of your best friends, but with time and technology it gets easier. Staying close with your mom while living far away comes natural, and if it doesn’t then consider trying these tips to grow a stronger bond and relationship as if you were living under the same roof!

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