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How To Keep Your Relationships From Growing Apart

Whether it is a romantic relationship, a friend relationship, a family relationship or a work relationship…relationships are important. One thing they all have in common besides for that is that they take work. But it’s pretty simple to keep your relationships from growing apart if you put in the effort.

As we get older, and as we get busier juggling our own lives and priorities, it can be easy to let relationships slip through the cracks, no matter which type of relationships they are. This is why it’s important to work on those relationships you cherish. All relationships take effort no matter the type.

How to keep your relationships from growing apart:

Schedule Time to Connect 

What better way to keep relationships from growing apart than by staying in touch on a regular basis? I am not saying you need to speak every day, but making an effort to connect every week, every other week, every month, will make a big difference.

I am not talking about reacting on social media to an Instagram story or pressing the like button on a post—I am talking about speaking on the phone, on FaceTime, over coffee, etc. Regular catch ups will help your connection remain strong and established, and it will keep you both up to date on what’s happening in each other’s lives.

Reach Out Between Conversations or Time Together 

Having set times to connect are great, but do not just wait until then to speak! If you see something that reminds you of the other person, reach out to them and tell them.

When you wake up with that person on your mind, reach out to them to say hi and that you were thinking of them. Or, if you have big news to share, reach out to them and share it, do not wait! This will keep you both actively involved in your lives and show how much you value each other.

Make Plans To Do New Things

Is there a new thing that you have been wanting to do? Reach out to your person and see if they want to do it, too! Do not forget that they are an option of someone to do things with and make plans with.

Life gets busy and it can be easy to forget that you have people in your life to do things with, but you do! Do not forget about your person. They will also be glad you thought of them and by showing that you still want to experience new things with them, will show them how much you do enjoy having them in your life.

Invite Them Over

You don’t need an excuse to invite them over to your home. It does not need to be a big party or a holiday or a celebration—you can even just do an easy movie night where you order at.

Inviting them into your home, especially for something casual, reminds them that they are a big part of your life and shows them how comfortable you really are with them. Plus, it’s a fun and easy excuse to catch up.

Do Not Take Them For Granted 

One thing all of the above has in common? They require effort and planning, which are two important things for a relationship. You cannot take them for granted! They are in your life for a reason, and if you want them to stay in your life, you need to involve them, include them, and remember them.

You need to show them that you care and that you appreciate having them by your side! There are so many ways for you to do that, from as little as picking up the phone to say hi to bigger things such as planning a trip together (especially if this relationship is long distance, visiting each other and/or taking trips together is a big one!).


Communication is KEY. A lack of communication will for sure lead to a relationship drifting apart. This is why it’s important to have real communication, both keeping in touch and being open and honest about things that are going on in your life, that may be bothering you, things that may be stressing you out, or any ill feelings you may be having towards the other person or the relationship. You need to be able to talk through things, talk about things, and be truthful with each other.

Relationships take effort, especially as we get older. Our lives become bigger, and it’s easy just to think that people will always be there for you. They won’t be unless you want them to be! You need to show them that you value them, your relationship, and that you want to continue it.

Be honest with each other and communicative. You cannot just assume that a relationship will last just because it already has for a while; relationships are always evolving, especially as people grow, and will take new efforts along the way. The above as some ways to help keep your relationships from growing apart. The key? Effort. On both sides.

About the Author

Michelle Ioannou

Michelle graduated from Fordham University with a Bachelors of Arts '13 and a Master of Arts '14. She's currently working in corporate America with a side of freelance writing. She wants you to learn from her experiences and mistakes so your 20s can be your best decade. When she's not working, she's likely planning her escape to a tropical island.