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How Love Changes You

How Love Changes You

When I think of how being in love makes me feel, I smile. The smile is for the illuminating feeling that consumes you when you initially fall in love.

Are there different types of love? Yes. But in some way or another love changes us each and every time. It makes us who we are in the present. Our experiences and trials of love and lost love are what make us unique individuals.

Love changes you.

It can either do great things for your life or it can lead you down a bad path. Either way, love has this insane effect on us. Think back to the first time you every fell head over heels in love with someone. Think back to that moment where you either wanted to just focus on them or it made you want to do great things with your life. You see, it can be both good and bad.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Let’s start with the bad and the ugly. There are types of love that if you are not in a good place in your life, it will simply destroy you. There are people out there that make you fall in love with them only to take advantage of you and of your feelings. It’s horrible. In a lot of these cases, love makes us do stupid things. Just think of the consequences: you end up pushing loved ones away, you end up not caring about your own goals, your self esteem usually goes way down, and you start doing things that solely benefit the other person. It’s a pretty low and dark place to allow yourself to succumb to.

And then there’s the good. The beautiful, uplifting, empowering and fulfilling love that we experience. Oh what a joyful feeling it is to be in love with the right person, at the right time. Because timing is everything. The good about being in love comes with so many wonderful perks. Empowerment is my favorite. Just as it’s said that we should all empower and uplift one another, the same goes in a relationship. When you find someone who makes you want to do better in all aspects of your life, well, it’s just a blissful feeling.

Imagine going through life, working towards your goals and dreams, working hard in your career, and to come home everyday knowing your significant other is there to support you and simply wants you to be the best you. Whether it goes unsaid or not, having the support of the person you love speaks wonders about the person you’re with. And when you’re with someone who makes you feel that loved and happy, happiness exudes from your aura.

Love changes us.

It can bring us to some very dark places in our life, but it can also lead us onto an even better path. When I’ve fallen in love, it’s always been this overwhelming feeling of bliss and freedom. The feeling of freedom is in the person I am and in my potential in life. I feel like I can do anything and like I want to work harder at my goals and dreams, not just for myself, but now for my significant other. That’s how it should be.

You always want to do things for yourself first, not in a selfish way. More like in a self-loving way.

Working towards your dreams and goals should be for yourself and then for your significant other. You see love does change us, not entirely, but in a way that awakens our souls and fills our hearts with joy. It’s a good thing to embrace when it happens to you.

Whenever I try to explain love to people who haven’t experienced it, I find myself struggling to find the right words. But I do usually find one or two accurate words to describe love. They are the following: overwhelmingly freeing. It’s just that. It’s what love does to us that changes us. And that is, in all correlation, leading us onto the good path of love.

Bottom line is when love does change you, because it can and it will, choose the right path and realize that the good path is the right kind of love. Embrace it at full speed ahead and always remember who you are on the way there. Never let love define you, instead let it shine through you.


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Jovi Casie

Jovi studied Journalism at Southwestern College. She currently works full time and is a mom to a beautiful daughter, named Olivia. When she isn't working or spending time with family and friends, she enjoys being a crazy plant lady, watching HGTV and spending quality time with her daughter. You can often find her cozied up in a local coffee shop writing for her personal blog. She hopes to one day work full time as a writer and to inspire others to live a happy and successful life.