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Making your next date the best date ever


Being in your twenties and dating someone can be incredibly fun, but tough at times, when you are trying to juggle all the real life things and situations that tend to be thrown at you. Most of us at this age have such a busy schedule, that when you add a significant other, trying to match the two different calendars can be like playing a never ending game of twister. Seeing each other, let alone planning dates outside of the house can be the toughest part. However, don’t fear my friend; there are a ton of fun and enjoyable date ideas out there!

One idea that always comes to mind is a nice walk and a photo shoot. Don’t worry, we don’t mean anything professional. Just you, your date, any kind of camera and the fresh air!  It’s so nice to leave the house and explore the place you live.  The minute you step out of your house, point in any direction and start walking.  This allows you and your date to disconnect from the daily stresses of life and actually talk to each other about your day, about the future or just about random silly things.  Stop along the way and take photos of the world around you and of each other. It’s amazing what parts of your city/town that you miss when you are rushing around with your day. Plus at the end of your adventure, you have a cool photo diary that you can always look back on.

Another idea that is always fun is bowling.  It’s tough to fine found a city or town yet that doesn’t have a good old bowling alley.  Everyone likes a little friendly competition and what better way to laugh and enjoy your date by hurling hard objects and trying to knock things down!  You definitely don’t need to be a pro to have fun bowling and you can have a drink and snacks while you are there too. As an added bonus, this is already a great idea for double dates as well. It allows you to enjoy the time with your date but also have tons of laughs with friends.

With both of these date ideas, they are at a relatively low cost which is nice.  That is always music to our ears as twenty-somethings, am I right?! Here are a few other entertaining date ideas that are inexpensive but incredibly fun at the same time:

  • Going to a movie

  • Have a picnic in a local park

  • Make homemade pizza

  • Fly kites (can be bought at your local dollar store)

  • Go for a bike ride

  • Have a game night at home

  • Go to a wine tasting

  • Grab some coupons and try a new place in your city/town

No matter what you decide to do, the important part of your date is having fun and enjoying each other’s company.  There are so many things in life to experience and nothing better than experiencing them together.

 Photo via Flickr

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Keenyn Bijou

Keenyn graduated from NAIT Business School where she majored in Marketing and Advertising. She enjoys sports, photography, and writing. She hopes to make a positive impact in a company through her expertise and ethics.