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Five Unique and Hilarious Ways to Say I Love You

Valentine’s Day is known for outrageous expressions of romance and enough chocolate to satisfy any woman’s cravings. But while your heart may be bursting with love for your honey, your mind may have trouble expressing it.

Fear not dear reader, for deeds of devotion don’t have to be flashy or over-the-top. Sometimes all it takes is a little thought and a smidge of time. Pucker up as we show you five simple ways to spice up the day.

5 Ways to Say I Love You:

1) Reflect the love.

If you have access to a mirror in your baby’s abode, utilize it to spread some sweet! A dry-erase marker and a little creativity can transform this shiny piece of décor into a one of a kind love-note. Start with a border and some clever phrases, add some doodles, and there will be grins-guaranteed.

*Bonus tip: Create a ‘name plate’ that reads something like “#1 Love” and affix it directly beneath where his head will appear.

2) Pack a punch.

A note in a lunch is a sure-fire way to brighten anyone’s day, so why not keep the tradition alive? Try building off this idea by incorporating a twist: the art of the devious placement. Slip a handwritten message anywhere your lover might stumble across it, but mums the word. A wallet, laptop screen, and cereal box are all sneaky ideas that are sure to surprise.

*Bonus tip: Make your note even sweeter by attaching it to your love’s favorite candy.

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3) Heart attack!

Chest pains can be a good thing if they’re coming from the thump-thump-thump of a heart in love. All you need for this papery present (besides paper) is scissors, tape, and a bit of a time. Cut out as many hearts as you can and attach them to a door, wall, or entire room-should you be feeling extra industrious.

*Bonus tip: In this case, the more the better, so tack up some streamers and balloons just to seal the deal.

5 Ways to Say I Love You This Valentine's Day | GenTwenty

4) Keep in contact.

Studies have shown that touch is not only necessary to sustaining human life, but can be a powerful factor in terms of overall health. Show a little extra lovin,’ while lowering your sweetie’s stress, by offering a foot-massage, head-scratch, or back-rub. The only tools required are your own two hands, and a pinch of patience. Let the relaxing begin!

*Bonus tip: Research the art of massage and learn a few tricks to really step up your game.

5) Sweetened stay-cation.

We’ve all heard of the affordable way to take off a few days. Use this concept as the basis for your own romantic “stay-away.” Stock up on your favorite mutual foods, movies, and games and make a weekend of it. Spruce up your living space to enhance the atmosphere, and never hesitate to build a blanket-fort or two.

*Bonus tip: Challenge yourselves to turn off the technology. Phones, computers and video games are off-limits.

It’s really no secret that the secret to a happy love life is found in the small, everyday acts of kindness. Ways to say I love you don’t have to be traditional! Use these ideas on Valentine’s Day, or any other, and show your love just how special they are. They’ll love you for it.

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