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Are You the Yin or the Yang in Your Relationship?

We’ve heard the words Yin and Yang tossed around from time to time describing the differences between two people or opposite situations. But do you actually know what the philosophy of Yin and Yang expresses and how you can make it work for your relationship?

If you were to run out there and ask a few of your friends what they know about Yin and Yang, they would probably say they are opposites of each other; like day and night or black and white. Or perhaps they might just say, “Whaaat”?

First, we need to understand that the viewpoint of Yin and Yang is not so much about positive or negative forces, rather it is the philosophy of how different but complimentary forces (not opposing) balance each other in the grander scheme of things to achieve a perfect and harmonious balance. The aspect of good or bad only comes into play when one of those forces overwhelms the other.

Sound familiar?

That happens in many relationships when either partner imposes their shadow upon their partner’s light.

So what’s the difference between Yin and Yang?

Yin energy is more laid back and calm. A person with predominately this energy is more of a homebody and may be more introverted.

Yang energy, on the other hand, is more high energy. This isn’t necessarily bad but can be overwhelming when not balanced out with calm.

Most people are a blend of the two

Here are a few tips to achieve the Yin-Yang in your relationship:

1. If your partner likes to cook and you like to do the laundry, then you have found the Yin-Yang for house duties. It isn’t always going to be fair in the general way it is perceived to be, where we expect each partner to share in the cooking and washing duties equally. Sometimes it is just one or the other!

2. You enjoy “Lord of the Rings” and your partner enjoys a good action “Terminator” movie. Go separately with your own set of friends. After all, a little time out from each other brings harmony to the relationship. 

3. You like the juicy drumstick and your partner loves the healthy breast meat. What a perfect symbiosis; the chicken is completely enjoyed! That is unless the both of you like the same cut of meat, then it is an all out war. Here will be the true test of how the both of you achieve peace and balance.

Sometimes you must agree to disagree.

It’s time you get over it and realize that there are going to be many, many topics the both of you are not going to agree on. Sometimes you are the moon and your partner is the sun. Other times you are the valley and your partner is the mountain. That’s just the way it’s going to be!

Remember, the symbols of Yin and Yang come together perfectly like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle when placed correctly and will only fit when neither piece is bigger or more opposing to the other.

When it comes down to the crunch, it’s all about realizing and recognizing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes etc.

It is about getting to know your partner not just for the stuff you have in common, but learning where the two of you differ. And then still going on to find how you can fit it all together just as the symbols of Yin and Yang fit together. While different,  they still fit together nicely to form a perfect circle.

So, you really want to know who the Yin or Yang is in your relationship?

It comes down to this:

You are sometimes the Yin when your partner is the Yang. And sometimes you are the Yang and your partner the Yin. And that is how it all comes together!