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11 Financial Podcasts For Millennials

Have you ever found yourself wondering “What is the right way to budget?” or “When should I start saving for retirement?” or “What is financial independence and how do I achieve it?” If you have, you aren’t alone. Cue: financial podcasts for millennials.

There are so many terms and rules that we are told we should know. The problem is that we don’t learn about these topics in school. That is why I turn to podcasts

Podcasts are great because you get to hear from experts on just about any topic. You can take a podcast on the go with you on a busy day, or make the most of your commute by listening to one.

Here are nine great financial podcasts that I believe we should all listen to. Whether you’ve never seen a budget, or you’re ready to up level your finances, everyone can find great tips from any of these financial podcasts for millennials specifically. These are some of the best personal finance podcasts I’ve found.

11 Financial Podcasts For Millennials

1. Millennial Money Honey

Millennial Money Honey is a podcast by Catie all about her journey to retiring at age 35. She started in 2017, and since then has become passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.

On her podcast you will find topics like saving money, investing, and saving for retirement. Catch a new episode every month.

2. Millennial Money

This podcast is hosted by Shannah Compton Game. She is also a Certified Financial Planner. Shannah’s passion for normalizing talking about money is shown through all of the tips she shares on her Millennial Money podcast.

There are currently over 675 episodes for you to listen to all about making money, saving money, and everything in between. 

3. Financial Feminist

Tori Dunlap, money expert and the creator of Her First $100K, started the Financial Feminist podcast in May of this year. Even though it is a new podcast, there are already some great episodes that you can learn from.

You’ll hear tips about increasing your credit score, investing, financial self care, and more. Follow along to learn how to gain financial freedom. Tori’s episodes are twice weekly per season. She also has many  financial products to purchase to help you on your journey.

4. How To Money

How To Money is a podcast hosted by best friends Joel and Matt. The purpose of their podcast is to help you learn how to be more thoughtful with your money so that you can start living a rich life.

They have been having conversations about saving money, investing, and big purchases like travel, college, etc. since 2018.

5. Girls That Invest

Sim and Sonya are millennial investors who are passionate about helping others learn about the investing world through their podcast Girls That Invest. At the time of writing this, the podcast is almost a year old.

In this past year they have discussed the stock market, retirement, and much more. If you’ve been curious about investing, definitely check this podcast out.

6. Frugal Friends Podcast

Frugal Friends is a podcast hosted by Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni. They have been discussing all things frugal living since 2018. Whether you want to save money for an emergency fund, pay off a debt, or are looking to start living a frugal lifestyle, you’ll learn a lot from this podcast. 

11 financial podcasts for millennials

7. The Clever Girls Know Podcast

In this podcast you’ll hear from Bola Sokunbi, who is the founder of  the Clever Girl Finance platform. They are one of the largest personal finance platforms for women in the U.S.

On The Clever Girls Know Podcast you’ll hear tips on investing, business, and financial wellness, to name a few.This podcast has been helping listeners learn more about their finances since 2016.

8. More Money Podcast

Jessica Moorhouse is the host of the More Money Podcast. At the time of writing this, she just wrapped up season 12 of the podcast.

In this podcast, Jessica interviews top personal finance and business experts, as well as other guests. You’ll hear topics like budgeting, investing, and everything in between that will help you reach financial freedom.

9. The Money Nerds

In this podcast, Whitney Hansen showcases money stories from everyday people. Some of the topics you’ll find on The Money Nerds podcast are investing, money mindset, and more tips you can use to improve your financial life.

I appreciate that she includes mindset tips because that plays a big role in anything you do. 

10. Journey To Launch

Hosted by Jamila Souffrant, this podcast stems from Jamila’s goal to buy her first property. After achieving that goal, she began to dig deep into financial freedom. Every one of her podcast episodes is worth listening to! It’s a really great podcast. 

11. Financial Freedom Podcast

Hosted by Grant Sabatier, this podcast digs deep into what financial freedom means by someone who retired at the age of 30! He talks about real estate, student loans, the FIRE movement, and more! Their tagline “Money only matters if it helps you live a life you love.” is a testament to how we should all live. Grant also interviews remarkable people and successful entrepreneurs regarding their financial journeys. It’s worth a listen! 

And there we have it – the top 11 financial podcasts for millennials!

As millennials, we are at a foundational age. The habits and best practices that we possess now will set the stage for what is to come years from now.

That is why I’m passionate about trying to gain better control of my finances. Listening to these podcasts will help me figure out my next steps in my financial freedom journey, and they can help you as well. I’m excited to continue diving into these podcasts to learn more about my finances.

Which podcast catches your eye? Are there any we missed on this list? These are all available on Apple Podcasts. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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