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10 Female Entrepreneurs You Need to Follow Today

.Wherever you may be on your career journey, there’s nothing quite as inspiring as watching strong female entrepreneurs make their way through the world of business.

Being a women in business is a powerful thing and the more we can highlight the accomplishments of female entrepreneurs, the more young girls will believe they can truly do anything they set their mind to. 

The female entrepreneurs on the list today have built a strong media presence, brand and business for themselves by staying true to who they are, creating a life they love and learning the ins and outs of selling online. 

They are often known as being thought-leaders in the influencer marketing industry and continue to cross bridges and reach new heights in their business.

There are always new insights and lessons to be learned as professional females and hearing ambitious women talk about them firsthand, is truly empowering. 

Here are 10 female entrepreneurs you’ll love to follow on social media:

Christina Galbato

An incredibly knowledgeable social media educator, luxury travel and lifestyle blogger. Christina thrives off of helping women build empires online and navigating life as ambitious females.

Angela Giakas

A fashion, travel and lifestyle influencer who inspires people from all over the world to travel in style while learning the best tips and tricks for using Instagram as creators.

Brittany Krystle

With almost a decade of personal brand experience, Brittany helps entrepreneurs discover that their personal brand IS their business and focuses on personal brand development and content strategy.


Tanner Mann

A beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger who, day after day, shows up for her audience delivering the best products and advice as a new mother.


Amy Porterfield

The online marketing expert best known for teaching business owners, educators and entrepreneurs how to increase their email list and use strategies to sell online.


Elaine Rau

As a full-time blogger at and online course creator, Elaine has built a foundation of education and succeeding as a blogger and influencer for her audience, continuing to deliver value and share her best kept secrets. 


Sarah Royall

Sarah, most-known by the name of Salty luxe, is a world leading island travel influencer who encourages others to live a life full of beauty and inspiration. The brand is built around travel, wellness and sustainability, offering a sensational experience for anyone who comes across the content.

Katrina Scott

Famously the Co-Founder of workout program, Tone It Up, Katrina is also a NYT best selling author, fitness coach and new mama sharing her wellness tips, inspiration and journey of her life as an entrepreneur.


Lindsay Silberman

A NYC-based luxury travel blogger who shares her influencer journey, travel advice and favorite beauty products on the daily. As a recent entrepreneur, Lindsay continues to share her journey and inspires others to live out their greatest passions and dreams.

Christina Vidal

The ultimate luxury and honeymoon traveler, most-known as JetSet Christina. She brings her audience with her, via Instagram, on all her amazing getaways. Christina recently launched a swimwear brand and shares all the ups and downs of owning a business.

Who are your favorite entrepreneurs to follow online? Let us know!

About the Author

Jessica Litras

Jess Litras is an entrepreneur and Travel and Lifestyle Blogger who focuses on building a business online and encouraging women to travel while looking and feeling their best. After working at a start-up company and a corporate company over the last 5 years, Jess has taken a leap of faith to build the life and career of her dreams. She specializes in event planning, blogging, social media, building communities and creating travel guides. When she's not traveling, you can find her cuddled up on the couch with a good book or true crime show.