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3 Essentials for Making Your Home a Restful Retreat

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Home is where the heart is (and the wine). Although this saying is used over and over again, it is actually so true. Home should be a place where you feel safe, comforted, happy, and loved. It’s not difficult to make home a restful retreat.

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The space you’re creating doesn’t just come together overnight. It takes time and intention to breathe the right energy into your space. You’ll need to think deeply about what you want your space to reflect.

Today, I’m sharing three essentials that will help create a restful retreat within your home.

1. Pay attention to the colors you put in your space.

Colors trigger your mood. In order to create a space that is a restful retreat, you have to start with the color palette that surrounds you. Since there are so many shades of colors out there, let’s start with the basics on which colors trigger various emotions:

  • Red is an intense color that can reflect anger or power but also love and passion.
  • Orange reflects enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Green promotes healing and peace.
  • Blue brings about feelings of stability and calm.
  • Purple is romantic and royal, but can also be gloomy.

Colors definitely play mind tricks with how they affect your emotions. Even though these colors are associated with emotions, creating a restful retreat is all about how you utilize them. Here are some more examples of how to bring these colors and varying shades of them into your space to reflect the meaning your want to convey.

Making a Zen space relies on the color scheme. I don’t suggest painting your walls dark, but rather incorporating various elements in the space that are dark such as a plant, pillow, or wall hanging. I suggest sticking with neutral and earthy tones that creates a space that takes you almost on a mini vacay after a long day at work.

Tip: Choose a color scheme that you can utilize all year round. You can always easily swap out décor elements. It’s easier and often less expensive than repainting!

 2. Create a cozy nook.

Making your home a restful retreat should include a cozy nook. Your cozy nook is made by sprucing up the area where you like to read, blog, drink wine with friends, or cuddle up to your favorite Netflix series.

What exactly does a cozy nook require? It needs to have the essentials such as great smelling candles, fuzzy throws, and possibly a wine fridge because we all know that’s always a relaxing treat. Other nook essentials could be:

  • A bookshelf with your favorite go-to reads
  • Comfortable seating arrangements such as a couch or one of those giant Lovesac chairs (which I’m dying to have)
  • Twinkle lights
  • The perfect throw to wrap yourself up in

Tip: Creating your perfect nook will have all of the main essentials for a relaxing rainy day!

 3. Happiness and love.

Finding true happiness and love within your home creates the most restful retreat. Love and happiness might mean coming home to a significant other, a fur-baby, or simply creating the perfect space that makes it feel like home.

Simple ways to create happiness and love throughout your apartment or home are to cook a homemade meal that your mom used to make or to designate one night of the week when all electronics are turned off, so you can enjoy time reading a book or playing a board game with your significant other.

Fill your space with things that bring you joy. That could be mementos or photos or a stunning gallery wall you designed yourself. Don’t let anything hang around that brings you down.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding true happiness and love for the space you live in. All you need to do on your end is fill that space with things that make you happy and feel loved! The most important part of creating a restful retreat is adding your spin to what you consider comfortable and cozy.

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”
– Wendy Wunder


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