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Echelon Fitness Stride Treadmill Review

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Echelon Fitness for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Making time for myself to workout has gotten harder than ever—I am a work-from-home full-time mom to a very active two year-old boy and a newborn. It’s still incredibly important to me to find time to be active, though. I need energy to keep up with them!

I’ve always preferred to work out at home on my own time, but I do love the camaraderie that comes with having fitness classes and engaging instructors that make the workout fun. Finding a balance of the two is how I found Echelon Fitness and why working out with their equipment has been a game changer for me.

Echelon Fitness Review: My Connected Treadmill Is A Game Changer

Movement is so important for our mental health and our physical health. I want to be able to keep up with my toddler (and let’s be honest, outrun him when I need to in case of an emergency!). I work out as consistently as I can — I aim for three times a week — but having classes and equipment at home that are ready to work when I am is the number one way I can keep my fitness going.

Echelon Fitness has machines that are “smart” and connect to live and on-demand fitness classes that you can attend while using your Echelon equipment at home. After we moved from our apartment into our home, my husband and I set up a home gym in our unfinished basement.

While my toddler zooms his recycling truck around the obstacle course we set up for him (if we’re connected on Instagram, you’ve seen this a million times!), my husband can lift weights or I workout on the treadmill. I’ve always loved running and walking. Walking was especially great for my during my pregnancies and I know has been great during my postpartum recovery period too as a rebuild my strength for running.

Echelon Fitness offers these products:

  • Connect Bike (EX-1, EX-3, EX-5, EX-5s)
  • Rowers (Row and Row-s)
  • Reflect Mirror (40” and 50” Touch)
  • Stride Treadmill,

They have a membership that provides thousands of live and on-demand fitness classes for each product, as well as offering Echelon United & FitPass membership that includes off-product studio classes like Yoga, Pilates, Barre, etc. all taught by world-class instructors. You can also join the Echelon Community on Facebook for extra camaraderie and support!

There’s literally something for everything, which I love, because working at home can feel like a chore, but it doesn’t have to when you have these options at your fingertips!

Echelon Fitness Stride Treadmill Review

My Pros & Cons of the Echelon Stride Treadmill

I love running, and my Echelon Stride Connected Treadmill makes me love it even more. It’s a sturdy machine that doesn’t take up too much space and has a smooth glide to it.

The Specs:

I always like to have quick access to the size and max weight to refer to. Here are the specs I found most important to know:

  • Product dimensions when in use: 69.3″ × 31″ × 49.2″
  • Incline: 12 levels, max incline is 10%
  • Max speed: 12 MPH
  • Min speed: 0.5 MPH
  • Running surface dimension: 55″ x 20″
  • Unit weight: 156lbs
  • Max user weight: 300lbs
  • Product dimensions when folded: 69.3″ × 31″ × 10.25

The things about foldable treadmills is that I worry there won’t be enough space to run and I’ll feel like I’m moving on a line. I’m happy to say that was not the case here! The Stride Treadmill is quite long so I don’t worry about falling off and it is wide too so I have plenty of room to move.

Echelon Fitness Stride Treadmill Review

Pro: The Size

First of all, this treadmill was designed with convenience in mind. It has auto-fold technology that makes it seamless to fold in half and store under a bed or upright against the wall, hidden away.

This would have been perfect for when we lived in an apartment. I struggled to find something that was sturdy but fit in our space. Now that we have a basement with home gym, I don’t need to fold it but I do think it is *perfect* for small space living.

Echelon Fitness Stride Treadmill Review

Pro: The Membership

It’s also connected, which means you can work out with an instructor and take my workout to the next level.

There are three membership plans (the total price includes the treadmill):

Echelon Fitness Stride Treadmill Review

You don’t need the membership to use the treadmill which I appreciate. That’s not always the case with connected equipment.

Pro: The Incline

The treadmill can reach a high incline, too. so for my walking days I can vary the challenge and get a really well-rounded workout. All in all, these workouts feel like a really dynamic way to get moving, and I love that I can still run and workout like this all on my own schedule.

Echelon Fitness Stride Treadmill Review

Con: The Incline for Running

The higher the incline you go and the faster you go, the less stable it can feel. I don’t run at high inclines, only walk, so I had my husband test this out. I don’t think this is unique to this treadmill, just something to note if you run at high inclines!

Pro: The Quick Settings

I like that the Stride treadmill has quick setting options. When I only have 20 minutes to get a workout in, it’s great that I can get going with a few buttons.

Here you can see the quick incline and speed options:

Echelon Fitness Stride Treadmill Review

Pro: The Glide

I’ve used foldable treadmills in the past that would almost skip every time you stepped on the belt. This made running feel really unsafe and was ultimately why we got rid of our old treadmill.

I am happy to report that this treadmill has no such issues! My husband was able to run at his top speed and had no skipping problems. And I also had no issues walking on speed 4 up to incline 6.

Here’s a picture of the treadmill in my basement set-up, because this is real life:

Pro: The Cupholders:

This might be a weird thing to love, but I like that there are two cupholders! I can use one for my water and one for my headphone case and phone. It’s a nice touch to have somewhere to put those!

The Bottom Line

Overall I am really impressed with the Stride Treadmill! It’s a great option if you want a sturdy treadmill at a great price point. The membership is a huge bonus if you w ant a little something extra to motivate you and follow along with. Plus, it’s great for small spaces!

I’m looking forward to growing with the treadmill as my fitness levels change after I having my second son, and as we grow stronger as a family who works out together. The Echelon membership even includes workouts that are outside of their bike, mirror, rowing machine, or treadmill equipment — I am excited to be able to do yoga, Pilates, and Barre classes too.

I’d say, as a very busy and active mother of two, wife, and multi-business owner, that Echelon Stride Treadmill gets my stamp of approval. It keeps up with my needs and fits into my schedule, as crazy as it can be.

Learn more about Echelon and get your Stride Treadmill here! Save 15% with code NICOLE15

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