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Best Bubble Tea Kits to Purchase

If you’re looking to try out a new type of drink during the summer season, you can bet that the bubble tea drink is one of the best choices out there. You may have seen bubble tea shops emerge throughout the past decade, and you may have tried some flavors beforehand from various shops. 

But if you haven’t, GenTwenty has you covered. 

Bubble tea, also known as ‘boba tea,’ is a drink originated from Taiwan. But contrary to the name, the tea isn’t actually bubbly or fizzing with bubbles. However, many people tend to think that the name ‘bubble tea’ comes from the toppings offered in the drink, such as tapioca boba pearls (which look like black pearls), grass jelly, and other types of jelly. 

In reality, the term ‘bubble’ comes from the process of making the drink – the barista has to shake the drink with the ice, before pouring it into a cup. This creates a ‘softer’ texture, as opposed to a dense texture from regular iced black tea. 

If this sounds like an interesting option, do you know you can save some money by making your own bubble tea at home with a boba kit? You can just purchase one of these DIY bubble tea kits to get started, and you can also make your toppings as well, all from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re trying boba tea for the first time or you’re a longtime member of the BBT Club, there is something for everyone on this list!

10 Best Bubble Tea Kits to Purchase

Bobabox – Bubble Tea and Milk Tea Box

In this kit, you can choose your bubble tea and classic milk tea flavor, as well as your toppings, and straw type including a reusable straw option. Instead of one flavor, you will be able to make two different flavors of tea, all which come in three to eight different options.

Moreover, you will also get amenities to add to your bubble tea, such as liquid sugar, tea leaves, and toppings. And the best of all, each flavor can make up to ten servings, with one serving being equivalent to 700 mL of tea.

the bobabox

The Bubble Tea Shop – DIY Brown Sugar Milk Tea Set

If you love sugary syrup with soy or fresh milk, you will definitely be a fan of the brown sugar milk tea. However, instead of ordering it from bubble tea stores, you can actually order your own kit from this small business. Your taste buds will thank you!

Although the price looks expensive, the set comes with toppings such as tapioca pearls and brown sugar syrup which is a great way to control the sweetness. Moreover, you can select the type of high quality loose leaf tea you wish to order: milk, oolong, earl grey, or roasted milk tea. 

Image via

Tealise Jumbo Bubble Tea Kit

Instead of two different flavors, this tea kit comes with five different flavors – two fruit, a royal milk tea flavor, a matcha flavor, and a black tea flavor.

These flavors are usually the most common amongst those who tend to order bubble tea regularly, and are perfect for individuals who wish to experiment with different combinations. Moreover, the tea kit also comes with two sets of tapioca, you’ll just have to boil them in hot water to get them prepared. 

Image via Tealise

Ultimate DIY Fruit Bubble Tea Combo Kit

If you’re a fan of fruit tea flavors, you can definitely look into purchasing this kit. You’ll get to choose between two bases of tea flavors, between the signature black tea and the jasmine green tea.

On top of that, you’ll also get toppings to add in your drinks. In terms of the fruity flavors, the company will provide you with five packs of different flavors of fruit syrup, and you can choose to add some jellies in your tea as well. 

Image via Cup49

The Bubble Panda – Build Your Own Box

Unlike the other kits, this kit gives you the ability to utilize your own creative mind and mix and match your own flavors with the different types of tea bases. You can make around 8 regular or 4 large bubble tea drinks, as well as choose between jelly, bubbles, and tapioca for your toppings.

Overall, you will be able to come up with a drink which you may have never tried or seen before on any menu.  This is also your best option for the perfect gift for any boba lovers in your life!

Image via the Bubble Panda

Locca Boba Tea Kit

This kit comes with three base tea flavors, which include the peach oolong, jasmine, and black tea bags. Unlike other tea kits, you will also get more servings of chewy tapioca balls as well. Although this kit may seem to have lesser flavors compared to the other kits, they tend to have more servings: There are 20 servings.

Classic Flavors Bubble Tea Kit with Instant Tapioca Pearls

This kit comes with lots of flavors, tapioca, and straws to drink your bubble tea from. The flavors included are two packs of Thai tea, matcha, vanilla, and classic flavors.

Luckily, you do not need to put any of the materials in the fridge. Furthermore, the directions on the packaging for preparing the boba tapioca pearls packets is easy to follow as well – you have the option to boil or microwave them. 

Chocolate Bubble Milk Kit

If you have a sweet tooth, the chocolate bubble milk tea kit might be the ultimate DIY boba! Made by this small business in Edmonton, the kit includes 10 servings of drinks, a chocolate mixture, tapioca pearls, and simple syrup. If you feel the need to spice the flavor up, you can add extra toppings such as jellies, or add extra milk. 

Image via

Instant Boba Tea Kit Tropical – Mama Bear Boba

Are you looking for a fruity base, instead of adding a fruit flavor? If you are, this kit is the right answer for you and your boba bubble tea preferences.

Although it only comes in six servings, with six different flavors, you will be able to experiment with a mixture of different fruits and tapiocas. You get to choose between a traditional black tapioca, or a rainbow tapioca, as both are options in the kits. 

Starter Bundle – Pearly

If you’re a newbie to bubble tea, this bundle may be best catered towards your needs. In the kit, you will get a combination of six original milk tea powder packets, six taro milk teas, and 12 instant tapioca packets.

The kit is even friendly to newbies who have not even tried any bubble tea kit before, as you will be able to make any of the combinations in less than 3 minutes. All you will need to do is boil some water, pour in the milk tea packet, and microwave the boba packet. 

Image via Drink Pearly

Whenever you want to plan a summer party or a picnic, you can just grab some of these kits and make some bubble tea with your friends. They are great to experiment with, and a great treat for a gathering to celebrate an anniversary.

Whether you have recently become addicted to bubble tea or were a life-long fan, making bubble tea out of different bundles or your own bubble tea kit will be a wonderful experience compared to ordering bubble tea from a food chain. After all, nothing is better than innovation and why not start with your own boba tea!

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