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5 Step Anti Aging Skin Care Routine For Your 20s

Anti-aging may seem like it’s the least of your worries while you are in your twenties, but trust me, it’s something you don’t want to ignore. Taking preventative steps now by developing a good skincare routine will keep you looking younger later.

That is something we all want right? In this post we are going to talk about why taking care of your skin is important and how to develop a good skin care routine that will stop premature aging. I’ll also be sharing some of the best skincare products so that you can develop your new routine.

What’s So Important About Skincare In Your 20s?

The major reason why it’s important to create and follow a skincare routine at this age is for preventative care. Your skin may not have started aging yet, and to keep it that way a skincare routine is what you want. Some skin aging problems you’ll want to watch out for are adult acne, early sun damage, and early collagen loss. 

This is the best time to find out your skin type. Do you have sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin? Get to know what your skin is like and any skin concerns you may have. This will help you figure out what skin care products you need. Let’s talk about those products now.

anti aging skin care routine 20s

5 Step Anti Aging Skin Care Routine For Your 20s

With aisles and aisles of different types of products in the skincare section of stores it can be hard to determine what exactly you need.

The most basic daily routine should include cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturizer. Adding in serums and exfoliants will really increase the health of your skin. If you’re not sure what any of this means – don’t worry, I’m breaking it all down for you here. 

Step 1: Cleanser

When looking for your first skincare product you want a gentle cleanser. You also want one that is addressed for your skin concern. You don’t want a hydrating cleanser if you have oily skin. The cleanser will be the first step of your routine and should be done twice a day.

Step 2: Serums

These are great to have in your skincare routine if you want to address concerns like dark spots, uneven skin tone, skin texture, keep your skin firm, and more, serums will do that for you.

To keep your youthful skin staying healthy and bright, most of the serums that are recommended are a retinol serum and/or a vitamin c serum. You’ll want to apply the retinol before bed and the vitamin c in the morning.

Step 3: Exfoliants

This is a product you want to be careful with. It’s not one you’ll use on a daily basis and all exfoliants are not created equal.

There are some great benefits to using it though. It increases cell turnover (which removes flaky skin) and it removes dead skin and build up. You only need to use an exfoliant 1-3x a week and use it before you moisturize.

Step 4: Moisturizer

This is another important skincare product to have in your bathroom. According to Marnie Nussbaum, a board-certified dermatologist, moisturizer maintains the skin’s barrier.

It’s personally my favorite step in a skin care routine because it feels like everything comes together at this point. Your face is feeling fresh and clean and the routine is almost over. Just like the cleanser you want to pick a moisturizer that works with your skin type and you want to use it twice a day.

Step 4.5 Eye Cream (Bonus):

If your family members are prone to eye wrinkles, sagging or discoloration, you might want to also add in an eye cream as part of your moisturizing step. For many people, a moisturizer can work just fine but eye creams are often concentrated and rich in wrinkle-preventing ingredients.

Another reason to consider one is if you stare at a computer screen or device all day as this can increase eye strain and subsequently the chance of wrinkles forming around the eyes.

Step 5: Sunscreen

This is one of the most overlooked steps in skincare routines, but it’s also one of the most important steps.Sunscreen shouldn’t just be reserved for days by the pool or at the beach.

You should have protection from the sun everyday, unless you want sun damage to start popping up in the form of sun spots and early signs of aging. When buying sunscreen make sure you grab SPF 30 or higher and it’s broad-spectrum protection. You want this to be your last step of your skincare routine.

anti aging skin care routine 20s

5 Anti-Aging Skincare Brands To Check Out

Now I wanted to share with you some popular brands that are great for starting your skincare routine. Whether you want to use a brand’s whole line, or find that one brand’s cleanser works while the other’s serum is your favorite, do some exploring to see what fits for your skin’s needs.


CeraVe is a great, cost effective, brand that has a line for different skin concerns. You can find these products at almost any department store that sells skincare products. Their anti-aging line is packed with skin-loving ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and ceramides. It is also fragrance-free. 


Origins is all about holistic skincare. You can really feel a difference in your skin too when you use their products. My personal favorite product is the  Checks And Balances™

Frothy Face Wash. They sell more than skincare and you can shop by product (cleanser, moisturizer, etc.) or by concern ( dry skin, anti-aging, etc.). If you’re not sure where to start with your skincare product shopping you can take their skincare quiz. You just answer three simple questions and they’ll suggest the perfect skincare regimen for you.


Farmacy is all about conscious beauty, in addition to giving back. Their products contain none of the bad ingredients that you’re always warned about (parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, etc.), and all of the skin-loving ingredients that you want to see in your products (antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, vegan collagen, etc.). You can even shop by ingredient on their website. Most of their products are available on Sephora!

The Organic Skin Co.

The Organic Skin Co offers sustainable, organic skincare products that are backed by science to keep your skin glowing, radiant, and healthy! They have moisturizers, cleansers, toners, masks, oils, balms, serums, treatments, and more! They are certified vegan and for every product you buy, they plant a tree! Here’s $15 off your first $50 purchase.


The last brand I’m sharing with you is one of my current favorites. Murad was the first brand of clinical skincare products, founded by doctor Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist and trained pharmacist. My favorite product from this skincare brand is the Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++ sunscreen. There are a lot of other great products from Murad as well. You can shop by product or by skin concern.

Why Should You Start an Anti-Aging Skincare Routine in Your 20s?

Starting an anti-aging skincare routine early, typically in your 20s, can offer several benefits in preserving the health and youthful appearance of your skin. Here are some advantages:

  1. Prevention of Premature Signs of Aging:
    • Early use of anti-aging products, such as those containing antioxidants and retinoids, can help prevent the development of premature signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Stimulation of Collagen Production:
    • Ingredients like retinoids stimulate collagen production, which is essential for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. Collagen helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  3. Reduced Sun Damage:
    • Sun exposure is a major contributor to premature aging. Incorporating sunscreen and other sun-protective measures into your routine can minimize sun damage, such as sunspots and hyperpigmentation.
  4. Maintenance of Skin Hydration:
    • Keeping the skin well-hydrated is crucial for maintaining a plump and youthful appearance. Anti-aging products often include ingredients that help retain moisture, preventing dryness and dehydration.
  5. Prevention of Free Radical Damage:
    • Antioxidant-rich products combat free radicals, unstable molecules that can damage skin cells and contribute to aging. Early use of antioxidants can protect the skin from oxidative stress.
  6. Even Skin Tone:
    • Anti-aging products may contain ingredients that help fade dark spots, reduce hyperpigmentation, and promote a more even skin tone, contributing to a youthful complexion.
  7. Smoothing of Skin Texture:
    • Regular use of exfoliants and other anti-aging ingredients can contribute to smoother skin texture by promoting cell turnover and removing dead skin cells.
  8. Prevention of Loss of Elasticity:
    • As the skin ages, it tends to lose elasticity, leading to sagging and a less youthful appearance. Anti-aging ingredients like peptides and certain growth factors can help maintain skin firmness.
  9. Customization for Individual Needs:
    • Starting early allows you to customize your anti-aging routine to address specific concerns and adapt to changes in your skin over time. Tailoring your routine to your skin type and concerns enhances its effectiveness.
  10. Establish Good Habits:
    • Initiating an anti-aging skincare routine early establishes good habits and a proactive approach to skin health. Consistency is key, and establishing a routine in your younger years can set the foundation for lifelong skincare practices.
anti aging skin care routine 20s

Final Thoughts on Using Anti-Aging Skincare in Your 20s

Now that you know how important skincare is in your twenties, and you can develop your own routine to promote younger-looking skin. It’s time to find your products. This can be a process so be patient. Don’t try a whole new routine at once. You want to slowly add skincare products to your daily routine. This will help especially if you have sensitive skin.

By trying the products one by one you’ll be able to spot the culprit if you have a bad reaction to a product. Once you’ve built your routine you should have the basics: cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Then if you’d like to get more advanced add serums and an exfoliant to your skincare regime. 

Do you have a current skincare routine? If so, how is it going to change now that you’ve read this post? If not, What product are you going to start with? Let me know in the comments!

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