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How To Start A Skincare Routine Without Breaking The Bank

It’s never too early to start a skincare routine. After all, the best way to start taking care of your skin is to do some preventative maintenance care.

Having a good skincare routine doesn’t have to be about breaking the bank either! You can have a good skin and use affordable skin care, and look and feel great, too!

If you would have told me that I could get affordable skincare in my early twenties, I would have thought you were out of your mind! I feel like even just a decade ago, most skincare was expensive, and if it was not expensive, it wasn’t the best quality.

Nowadays, it seems like skincare is becoming more and more affordable. You have a variety of skincare lines to choose from and at times, it can be rather overwhelming.

Starting a skincare routine is the best thing you can do for yourself. Starting a skincare routine in your early twenties as a preventative measure, is also one of the best ways to practice self care.

Not only does it make you feel good, but it makes you look good as well. That’s the thing. Using great skincare products can really give you that glow and supple skin you see all around you.

How To Start A Skincare Routine Without Breaking The Bank

Pick the right products

So many women I know, swear by certain products. Often times, you will hear about products by word of mouth or by advertising. However the way you hear about products, pick the right one for you.

One person’s miracle worker may be a total dud for you. And that is be cause you may have completely different skin than them.

Learn your skin. Is it oily or dry? Maybe you have large pores or maybe you have fine lines.

Find your areas of concern, talk to a dermatologist, if needed. You will, unfortunately, have to go through trial and error.

Skincare routines are essential to maintain a healthy and attractive look, especially when eyelash extensions have recently been applied.

With the abundance of information available online nowadays, it can be difficult to determine what eyelash extensions aftercare tips can offer the best results. Regardless of this, it is important to do proper research before beginning any eyelash extensions regimen, as not all products will work for everyone.

It is necessary to thoroughly investigate each product and understand its ingredients so that you are equipped with the knowledge of what is suitable for your eyelashes; then you will be able to tailor a routine that gives you the highest odds of achieving healthy eyelashes and clear skin in no time. 

You may find a product that may give you a reaction or you may not like the feel it leaves on your face. That’s ok. KEEP TRYING.

Try, stick with it for a while, fail, start again, and repeat if necessary. But, don’t let one product turn you off from others. Once you find the right product, it will be the greatest feeling.

Don’t break the bank

I am a huge believer in not breaking the bank for skincare. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on products, unless you find one you are obsessed with and want to splurge, then great! But, if you’re like me, you are always looking for the best deal.

One trick I take advantage of is samples! Sure, we all get samples of skincare products. But did you know you can go to different malls, stores, product carriers, etc.?

I learned this tip from none other than my brilliant mother. She used to love this expensive eye cream, she would go to the same department store all over the city and scout out each one for samples. To my surprise, it would last her a long time.

But also, she wasn’t breaking the bank! She would get the full size product but if she was low on money one month, she would be at it again scouting out her samples. The point here is don’t break the bank.

Try different products and don’t be afraid of the drugstores. I have found so many drugstore dupes, that are honestly better than the expensive products they mirror, and half the price, too! Do your research, and you will be able to stretch out your money more!

Stick to a routine

Once you found the products that work right for you, stick to your daily routine. You should have a morning and a nightly routine. There are even steps on how to put on each product in the correct order.

However, I have heard a variety of different theories on which steps come first, so just do what feels right to you. Remember, it’s ok to skip here and there, life happens, but the goal is you want to stick to your routine as consistently as possible.

If you want the best results with your skin overtime, then stick to these tips. You can create a skin care routine, stick to it, and not break the bank, all at the same time! Find the product that works for you and it’s ok if it’s not all from the same line.

It’s so easy to see an influencer using an entire line of products and wonder, why doesn’t that work for me? Well, because it’s not realistic. It may work for their skin, but for many of us, it could be over the top.

But for you, you may need a product from 4 different brands. Starting early, will only give you great success with your skin. Start as young as you can, your skin will thank you for it when you’re older!

How did you start a skincare routine without breaking the bank?

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