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A World of Wanderlusting: Zurich


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The last destination on my grand European adventure! My 40 days of travel came to an end much more quickly than I would have liked. In fact, I was completely shocked and a little stunned when I found myself sitting in the Zurich airport waiting to board my flight home. This has been an adventure of a life time and it was truly over too soon. For more of Janine’s European travels, visit the A World of Wanderlusting archives.

So now, for the real subject of this post: Zurich, and it is absolutely stunning. This charming Swiss city completely took my breath away, and was so easy to fall in love with.

Zurich is upscale, and the price tag verifies that. Nothing in Zurich is by any means cheap. Coffee was double the price you would pay here in Canada and dinner out was something we saved for our last night in the city.

We wandered aimlessly in Zurich, down by the river checking out all of the high-class expensive shops. We didn’t buy anything in any of the shops, because honestly, there was no way we were able to afford anything. The buildings in Zurich are a site worth seeing as the architecture is stunning. I loved seeing all of the clocks along the river.

Zurich 2

In all honestly, we didn’t do a whole lot in Zurich, just a lot of reflection and relaxing. It was exactly what I needed. One of my favorite things we did was probably the most simple. My Europe trip had been fairly go-go-go, lots to see and it was nice to just take a step back, cook some meals at “home” with my bestie, and find a nearby park to soak up some sun and enjoy a few beers.

Zurich 3

That’s the best thing about Europe, the ability to sit in a park and drink a beer without getting in trouble. Sometimes the best part of travel is living your life abroad. I would highly recommend doing this at least once in your life. The whole not “being perceived as a tourist” thing is extremely appealing to me, and I feel it really makes you appreciate a country or city a little more.

Zurich 1

One day I hope to come back to Switzerland, we were hoping to check out the Swiss Alps and take a train up the mountain, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time or the money to do so. Zurich would be a lovely place to visit if money was no object, and so when I’m raking in the dough, there is no doubt in my mind that I will be back to visit this glorious country!

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