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A World of Wanderlusting: Vienna


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Vienna has to be one of my favorite places on this planet. I had a whirlwind flight in from Italy and managed to get through to the train station in Vienna – which, mind you, is where my love for this city started.

Vienna has the best public transit I have ever seen. From the airport, there is a high-speed train directly into the middle of the city. It will get you there in 16 minutes and it departs from the airport every 10 minutes. From there, it was easy to hop onto another train to get to the apartment I was staying at. It was late when I finally arrived at the apartment, but I felt completely safe, yet another thing that made me immediately adore Vienna.

The next day I awoke to beautiful sunny Vienna! I walked along the river until I located some breakfast and coffee and enjoyed how many people were out and about. As I gushed earlier, the transit in the city is fantastic. I was able to purchase a three-day pass and get anywhere in the city with ease.

Here are some of the things I highly recommend during your time in Vienna:

1. Head to the huge outdoor market. I can’t remember exactly where this is (I know that’s not helpful at all) but this outdoor market is blocks long. It took us hours to get through it all, but it was unreal. There is fresh fruit, dried fruit, homemade pasta… the list goes on, if you’re looking for it, it’s likely that they have it! (Note: If you know what, we’re talking about – let us know where to find it!)

2. Schônbrunn Palace. I loved this Palace, and the gardens behind this are absolutely stunning. My favorite part was hiking up the hill behind the palace and sitting down for a delicious iced coffee at the top to enjoy the view! Definitely a must!

3. St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Probably one of the most touristy things to do in Vienna, but also a must do while you are in the city. The architecture is so different than anything I’ve ever seen before. This area of town was also hustling and bustling, even on a Sunday, so it’s a pretty fun place to hang out and people watch.

4. Sit along the Danube and drink a beer. On my last night in Vienna, my girlfriend and I sat on the edge of the river and drank a beer together. It was so relaxing, the city lights reflecting in the river were beautiful and frankly, there was no place I would rather be. It was one of those moments where you catch your breath and just enjoy where your feet are at.

5. Go and find some schnitzel. Can I just say yum!? Schnitzel is so, so good and there are many places in Vienna that serve it. I recommend finding a place near wherever you are staying, chances are it’s pretty good!

Vienna and I left each other entirely too quickly, I could see myself living there in a split second and I will absolutely jump on any opportunity to go back!

Do you have any Vienna tips?

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