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17 Winter Wonderland Friend Dates to Go On

Date night is not just for you and your significant other anymore! Date night can mean with your mom, aunt, or best friend. There are so many activities that your significant other or spouse probably doesn’t want to attend, but they do anyway to make you happy. What if you could make them happy by doing something you love with someone else (like a friend) that loves that same activity too? Your man or woman would be forever grateful, trust me!

The last thing my significant other wants to do is attend a ballet or spend hours at a mall looking at clothing. Instead of taking time out of their day for something they don’t necessarily like doing, take a friend!

Girl time is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Why? Because you’re able to chat about style, your latest favorite wines you chose at the store, and the dreamy Adam Levine on the latest episode of The Voice. Although your significant other listens, these activities are much more fun with your bestie!

Here’s a list of friend dates to go on this coming season:

  1. Visit the theater to see a live show or a ballet.
  2. Hit up Sunday brunch at a new spot in town.
  3. Attend a workout class (like barre, Zumba, or spin).
  4. Go to the movies to see the latest chick flick.
  5. Visit an art museum on a rainy day.
  6. Meditate and take a yoga class at night.
  7. Check out the new boutique you’ve been wanting to pop in.
  8. Try out a new coffee shops for lattes and pastries.
  9. Dress up and attend a wine tasting event.
  10. Take a cooking class to learn how to prepare something new for yourself or your significant others.
  11. Relax and have a spa day at your place.
  12. Do a movie marathon at your place.
  13. Visit a Home Goods or local home store to pick out seasonal décor.
  14. Host a wine and cheese tasting pairing party with your girls.
  15. Go to an apple orchard and pick your own.
  16. Host a craft day for a DIY wreath or ornaments.
  17. Go all out for a fall/ winter photo shoot.

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Make time for your girls this season and fit in all of the best seasonal activities! What’s your favorite thing to do with your best friend?

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