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Is It Worth It? Winter 2017 FabFitFun Box Review

It’s that time again! The Winter FabFitFun box has arrived. I’m going out on a limb here and say that this has been my favorite fabfitfun box so far. I liked the spring box, the summer box didn’t wow me at all (I didn’t even write about it!), and the fall box was pretty good, but there we’re some duds in it for me.

If you’ve never heard of it before, FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box that includes curated beauty, wellness, fitness, and fashion picks. The box is shipped every season (spring, summer, fall, and winter), costs $49, ($39 on your first box with a promo code) and includes over $200 worth of product. This season’s box claims to have nearly $400 worth of product in it.

I put *most* of the items to the test to see if the box is worth the $49 cost. When you’re getting a subscription box, chances are you aren’t going to use every item. We don’t even use every item we buy for ourselves so it’s unrealistic to expect that every item in a curated box will work for each individual. That said, I do think it’s a really cool box and have enjoyed my year long subscription so far.

I purchased this box myself for review and this post does contain affiliate links.

Read on to see each individual item, the cost, and find out if the Winter 2017 FabFitFun box is for you!

1. BB Dakota Poncho (in Mulberry, Black, or Charcoal) $70

This item seems to be nice quality, however, it’s really just not my style. I’m not a poncho (it’s debatable on whether this is actually a poncho or not as well, it’s really more of a cape) wearer and would have definitely preferred to see something like a blanket in this box. Especially because they have included items in the $99 price range before (and that’s the price of an Ugg blanket at Nordstrom #justsaying).

2. DOUCCE Eyeshadow Palette (in Smokey or Nude) $70

I’m not familiar with this brand, but it was super cool to get an eye shadow palette in the box! I received the Nude palette in my box and it came with eight matte and shimmer eye shadows and one highlighter.

The eye shadows are more on the subtle side and remind me of the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume II Palette. The shadows feel creamy to the touch but do kick up quite a bit of powder. They apply subtly and build up. The shimmers also feel more like an eyeshadow topper to me and definitely apply best wet, and even then, there was still fall out. I think they are best suited for a soft, quick look.

DoucceThe palette also includes a highlighter from the brand and that went on the skin nicely! It’s slightly more glittery than what I would typically go for, but I still thought it was beautiful and gave a very ethereal glow. Plus, now that you have the palette, you can pick up a few more shades from the website.

3. Homemade by Ayesha Curry Ceramic Mug $16

I love mugs, especially tall ones! This was an awesome addition to the box and I love the one I received.

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4. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment $75

FabFitFun really loves to send exfoliating products. I’ve already received two Dr Brandt products from them that I’m still working my way through! I have yet to try this product but I do like that they included such a high value skin care product. Especially because it’s described as “Hollywood’s 2 Minute Facial.” If you want to try it, it’s available in a 0.5 oz size at Sephora for $24.

5. Pointe Studio Aloe Infused Cozy Socks (in Blue, Black, or Pink) $19

These were a winning item for me! Cozy socks are the absolute best in the winter time. I’m not sure if the aloe infusion is really helping anything or not, but I’m going to wear them all the time anyway.

6.8 OTHER REASONS Nine Lives Choker (in Silver or Rose Gold) $58

I prefer dainty jewelry over statement pieces and so far it seems that’s what FabFitFun mostly sends. I do like this necklace and will definitely wear it. However, I would never pay $58 out of pocket for it.

7. AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream $33

This hand cream sink in pretty quickly and smells really nice! This seems to be a special size made specifically for the fabfitfun box. I kind of wish it had been less than 4 oz because then I could take it on planes — a place I definitely need all the extra moisture I can get!

8. Beauty Choice Item: Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle Energizing Eye Masks $16 or Nelson j Beverly Hills Moisture Healing Hair Mask $23

FabFitFun gives you the option to choose some of your items (you get more choices if you’re a Select member). I personally love when eye masks or face masks are included in the box, so this was an easy choice for me. And I liked these eye masks a lot — I’m even wearing them as I write this. I hope these are included as an add-on in the future because I would love to pick up more.

9. Wellness Choice Item: FFFTV Fitness Ball with Jillian Michaels Videos or This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Another choice this month was between a fitness ball along with some Jillian Michaels videos filmed exclusively for fabfitfun or a pillow spray. I went with the pillow spray because I’ve been having trouble falling asleep lately. I’ve been using it non-stop since I got it, and maybe it’s the placebo effect, but I do think it really works. The lavender is calming and I’ve been enjoying it.

So… Is It Worth It?

Overall, I thought this was an amazing box and my favorite one yet! The biggest miss for me was the poncho, but I’ll take 8 out of 9 any day of the week!

Do you subscribe to FabFitFun? What did you get in your box? 

If you don’t subscribe, what would you use most out of this box?

Don’t forget — you can save $10 and get your first box for only $39 by subscribing here.

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