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What’s It Like Living in…San Diego, CA

Described by as “one of the best places to live in California,” San Diego is a city that you should not count out if your dream is to leave the West Coast beach life. Of its over 1.4 million residents living in San Diego, many are young professionals. Families also largely make up the demographics as the public schools here are very highly rated.

There is an Urban/Suburban Mix here, with 53% renting and 47% owning their homes. The median home value is $607,600 and the median rent is $1,695.

I spoke with GenTwenty’s own Jovi Casie, who has been living in San Diego her whole life. What better person to get a first-hand account from?!

What’s It Like Living in…San Diego, CA

How long have you been living in San Diego?

For 30 years (My whole life!)

Why is it a good fit for twenty-somethings to live?

There is a lot of growth here in San Diego. Lots of great job opportunities for twenty-somethings just coming out of college. Also, we have SDSU here and that is a great college to attend.

San Diego offers a variety of outdoor hobbies and adventures. From hikes with incredible views, to outdoor yoga classes in Balboa Park. There is something for everyone here.

Plus, the food and breweries here are amazing!!

What is your favorite part of living there?

I would have to say the fact that we can do something outdoors almost all throughout the year! It is rarely “cold” here. When it is, we enjoy that too.

I love getting outdoors as much as I can. Also the scenic drives along the coast and in the mountains as well.

What is one thing that may surprise people about the area?

The food! Specifically Mexican food. Many San Diego natives will often say no where else competes with San Diego’s authentic Mexican food, and it’s really true!

From delicious street vendors to authentic taco shops, you will be pleasantly surprised. Also, the fact that almost anywhere you live here in SD, you are usually within 10-20 of a beach and also within 10-20 minutes from the mountains. It’s pretty neat!

Anything else you’d like to add?

If you ever get the opportunity to visit San Diego, I highly recommend doing all of the following:

Hiking, visiting our museums and historical places like Balboa Park, Presidio Park, Old Town, visit our beaches, eat some authentic Mexican food and be outdoors as much as possible.

Share your favorite spots to visit and restaurants to eat at!

For best places to visit:
Sunset cliffs – For best sunsets
Balboa Park and Old Town – For its historical beauty
Las Cuatro Milpas – For best tacos!
Barrio Logan – For authentic Mexican culture, food and shopping
Fashion Valley Mall – For the best mall in SD
Presidio Park – Great views and great for picnics
La Jolla Cove – Best beach for walking, bike riding, views, luxury dining with a view, and shopping!
Por Vida Cafe – Best local Mexican coffee shop
Dark Horse Coffee – Best local coffee shop

Would you want to live in San Diego? If you plan to move to this beautiful destination, you’ll want to find the perfect real estate agent in San Diego to help you find your dream home.

Let us know your dream destination in the comments!

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