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10 Ways To Look Forward To Monday

Is Monday really that bad? Here are 10 ways to reframe the first day of the week.

It’s Sunday evening and the night sky is dark. You have your comfy pajamas on, the television on low, and your mind is racing. Monday morning is only hours away and you can’t shake those Monday blues from consuming you. Sound familiar?

If you’re a working professional and/or student like most of us, chances are this is your weekly routine. By the time Sunday night rolls around and the weekend wraps up, we tend to dread work and/or school the following day. Falling back into a new week sucks the fun out of our Sunday evenings. What gives?

Well, for most of us Monday is the hardest day of the week. It’s difficult to resume our patterns of rising early, meeting deadlines, and falling back into our workdays. We all know this cycle too well. So, how do we break it?

Luckily, the GenTwenty team has ten foolproof ways for you to look forward to Monday:

  1. Rejoice that you can start fresh. Each week brings with it another opportunity to begin anew. Whatever drama unfolded last week is in the past. Those pesky projects that had you struggling days ago are long gone. This week is a new chapter with fresh work, a polished attitude, and promise. Bask in the potential and rejoice that you can start over with each passing Monday.

  2. Schedule a Monday lunch date. Do your Mondays usually drag? Schedule a lunch date with your beau, best friend, or a colleague. Knowing that you have lunch on Monday afternoon with someone you enjoy spending time with is bound to give you something to look forward to when Monday rolls around. It’ll start your week off with the right vibe and you’ll feel balanced. Try it!

  3. Make plans after work/school. Regardless of how tiring your work or school day is, be sure to make plans after your Monday routine. Go jogging when you’re off the clock. Enroll in a Monday night cooking class or sign up for music lessons. Make your Monday nights special somehow, whether it’s a new hobby, spending time with a loved one, or binge-watching your favorite show. If you make Monday fun, you’ll be anxious for it each week!

  4. Wake up early on Mondays. Monday mornings are actually the freshest you’ll be. Think about it: after the weekend, you’re likely well rested and rejuvenated. Use this to your advantage. Try waking up early on Monday mornings to schedule in some cardio or yoga. Or, use the extra time to cook yourself a nice breakfast. Even if it’s only one day per week during the workweek, waking up early on Monday could completely change your vibe for the rest of the week. You’ll have ample time to get ready, eat a nice breakfast, or energize with a workout. Use your time wisely.

  5. Wear your favorites. Use Mondays as an excuse to wear your favorite clothes. If you make your Sunday night ritual about planning your Monday outfits, you’ll have it all ready to go on Monday morning. Wear your favorite colors, fabrics, or patterns. Make a cohesive outfit statement to really get your vibe going for the week. Sometimes even the smallest efforts, like wearing your favorite blouse, can improve your day and reject those Monday blues.

  6. Listen to music. On your commute to work or school, be sure to listen to music! This certainly is not a Monday-only ritual, but it definitely gets you in a great mood to start off a new week. Listening to your favorite radio station and singing along to the lyrics is bound to lift your spirits.

  7. Meal prep. Food is a great motivator for most of us, so try meal prepping for work or school. More often than not, you’ll be so excited about the snacks and lunch you brought that you’ll forget about your Monday blues entirely! What is there to be sad about?

  8. Enjoy some sunlight. During your breaks on Mondays, make a point to get outside and enjoy the sunshine (weather permitting). Take a stroll around your school’s campus or workplace and enjoy some fresh air. Sunshine has a way of lifting up anyone’s spirits. Breathing in fresh air and soaking up some Vitamin D is bound to put a positive spin on your Monday ritual.

  9. Catch up with colleagues. Even if you only have five minutes to spare in the work break room, catch up with your coworkers on Mondays. This is a great way to reflect on your weekend by sharing stories and telling jokes with others. Chances are, your colleagues have experienced Monday blues as well and that brief opportunity to chat with each other is a fun way to start the new week. You’ll definitely look forward to Mondays!

  10. Love your job. The best way to look forward to Mondays is to love your job. If you don’t now, believe that someday you will earn a job your really, really like (and possibly even love). As wonderful as vacations and weekends are, work is a huge part of our lives. If you absolutely hate your job, you’re bound to despise Mondays. Do your best to find a career that agrees with you. If you enjoy your work, chances are Mondays will be a breeze.

Monday, like every other day, is just another day of the week. There’s nothing that makes it more or less special than any other day.

Don’t get hung up on longing for weekends because you’re off from work for those two precious days. Don’t dread Monday mornings because you have five workdays to get through. Honestly, embrace Mondays. Enjoy the fresh start each new week brings. Do little things for yourself, like planning lunch dates or wearing new clothes, to make your days even a little brighter.

Well all work to live and there’s no reason why that needs to be a negative thing. Positive vibes only, peeps! Enjoy Mondays and be your best self.

What ways do you make Mondays fun? Share in the comments!

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