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5 Twenty-Something Social Media Influencers To Follow

These twenty-somethings are THE accounts to follow on social media right now. Click through to learn how you can join their communities!

For the last year, GenSocial has explored a wide ranges of topics pertaining to social media. We’ve looked at how to use the big social networking sites like Pinterest, Snapchat, and Reddit. We’ve offered advice on professional networking on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We’ve also offered suggestions on how to deal with things like threats and security online. But one topic we haven’t covered are examples of twenty-somethings achieving success on social media. We’ve been preaching what smart social media is, but haven’t shown you what it looks like.

That’s why we curated a brief list of some of our favorite twenty-somethings online. These young professionals have strong followings and established brands. Each one of these millennials has a unique voice online. Read more to find out how to connect with these entrepreneurs.

1. Chelsea Krost is known for The Chelsea Krost Show and #MillennialTalk. Chelsea has an undeniably strong social media presence. With almost 100,000 followers on Twitter, she’s clearly doing something right. She currently hosts her own radio show and weekly Twitter chat (called #MillennialTalk) that’s open to any participants. Want to know more? Follow Chelsea on Twitter and join in on her weekly chat. As a bonus, she’s super friendly and open to conversation!

2. Kayla Hollatz is known for #CreateLounge. Kayla’s a jack of all trades. She works in public relations, writes poetry and has her own #CreateLounge Twitter chat on Wednesdays. Kayla is a multitalented creative, open to talking about inspiration and ideas with others. Along with her Twitter chat, Kayla also gives branding suggestions as well as helpful ideas for other creative professionals. Follow Kayla on Twitter  and be inspired!

3. Lindsay Shoemake is known for That Working Girl. A PR powerhouse, Lindsay works in media and digital marketing in Denver. She has ample experience using social media, which makes her website and social accounts fun to follow. One of her biggest projects is That Working Girl, a website dedicated to helping women in the workforce. It has interviews with successful women, as well as general how-to articles. Follow Lindsay on her personal account or That Working Girl to learn more.

4. Aaron Lee of Ask Aaron Lee. Think only women dominate social media? Think again. Aaron runs his own lifestyle blog called Ask Aaron Lee and he’s been named one of Forbes’ Top 50 Influencers. Aaron also offers his social media expertise to businesses and individuals looking to grow their networks. With nearly half a million Twitter follows, he clearly knows his social media. Follow him on Twitter  and see how he’s making a splash online.

5. Maya Elious is known for #MEBrandClass. Maya’s a brand expert and here to help millennials discover their voice online. She also offers a Free 5-Day “Personal Branding Jumpstart” email course to help anyone get started. Along with her course, Maya also has a blog that’s full of useful articles. Maya is a one-woman show, able to help entrepreneurs put their ideas into actions. Follow Maya on Twitter and get to know her work!

This is just a brief list of some of the profiles we love. There are plenty more good examples of twenty-somethings thriving on social media. Share your favorites with us and post them in the comments!


5 Twenty-Something Social Media Influencers To Follow @HeyWorkingGirl

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