7 Pinterest Boards for Twenty-Somethings

When it comes to social media, Pinterest often becomes the forgotten account. Many of us get excited about joining, following friends and creating new boards. We may repost recipes, clothing ensembles and home decor pictures in our first few weeks of making the account.

However, over time, our participation on Pinterest may fade. We may forget to log in or even worse, we may not see the point anymore. After all, if we don’t post our own content or use the ideas we find, then we may be wasting our time.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest doesn’t have as broad of an appeal. Users are meant to post things or curate content on online boards. Since most users don’t post their own material, they rely on others to find new material.

Pinterest is often rather feminine as well, making it less-than-welcoming when male users try to join. Fortunately, these little roadblocks don’t have to stand in the way. Anyone can use Pinterest to suit their own interests.

While Pinterest is often the place to go for food and clothing ideas, there are other ways it can be used. Here are seven Pinterest boards for twenty-somethings:

  • Road Trips. Our twenties are an ideal time to travel. We can use this board to get an idea for our next great adventure, whether it be to a new city or state.
  • Job Hunting. This diverse board gives us useful infographics for narrowing our job search. The board has over 40 pins to dig through if we’re looking to make a new career move.
  • Cocktail Love. Our twenties are just as much about fun as they are about work. The included cocktails are a cheap way to unwind or entertain other friends. Many of the listed drinks can also be made as non-alcoholic beverages for non-drinkers.
  • The Hobby Board. It’s never too late to explore a new hobby. This board specifically focuses on different types of gardening and crafts. Most pins are easy to do and can be done in an afternoon.
  • Fitness Motivation. Pinterest is loaded with exercises to try. This board is one of the most comprehensive. It includes quick workouts and motivational posters to help twenty-somethings maintain their fitness.
  • Money-Saving Ideas. Money may be especially tight in our twenties as we transition to our first, full-time jobs. This board gives tips on how to get free samples, how to operate under budget and how to earn extra money. It’s a practical board that helps Pinterest users keep frugality in mind.
  • Good Cheap Eats. What would be a Pinterest list without a recipe board? Good Cheap Eats provides homemade recipes and beginner tips to eating on a tight budget. The pins range from the old fashioned (good old beans and rice) to the unique (fried, cinnamon apple rings).
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What Pinterest boards do you turn to most often? We want to know in the comments!

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