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Transformer Table Review

This post is in partnership with Transformer Table. Get a free coffee table now with purchase of Transformer Table or Dining Set ($699 value)!

Imagine only needing to buy one table for the rest of your life. It will fit in every space you need it to and fill every need you have. From your studio apartment to your forever home, it goes and grows with you. I was stoked to see this actually exists — and it’s called Transformer Table.

The Coffee Table is a $699 value and is currently free with the purchase of Transformer Table or Dining Set!

How Does The Transformer Table Work?

At its core, the Transformer Table is an expandable table that comes with five panels to adjust the length. It grows from 18 to 118 inches and can seat up to 12 people total. 

The table can go from seating one or two people to expanding to seat up to 12 in a matter of minutes. The panels can be conveniently stored in the coffee table which is currently free with the purchase of Transformer Table or Dining Set ($699 value)! 

You can use the coffee table in your living room or as a side table or end table! It’s a convenient design that aims to be efficient and also beautiful in your home.

The modern design suits almost any style. The Transformer Table comes in four color ways: American Mahogany, Australian Acacia, Canadian Dark Oak, and Siberian Birch. All materials are sourced locally from in Canada. Plus, Transformer Table is committed to being eco-conscious and only sources hardwood from FSC-certified forests which means the forest is responsibility managed and provides environmental, social, and economic benefits. This is a huge plus as we at GenTwenty are constantly doing our best to be conscious of the environment and how our buying habits impact it.

The Transformer Table is pictured here in American Mahogany

Transformer Table Review

If I had to describe the Transformer Table in three words, those words would be: quality, simple, and sleek.

The Design

Overall the table has very simple angles. I think it lends itself to a sleek, modern design but also fits well with almost any design style, especially if you consider the color. I can see it being in a Scandinavian-style kitchen and dining area but also beautifully accenting a modern, concrete-floor and marble counter design. The simplicity of it is perhaps on of it’s best features.

I’ve lived in a lot of different spaces over the years. From a shared two-bedroom apartment to a studio to a 3500 square foot house — I can see this table fitting beautifully in all of them. 

The bench the table comes with is also extendable – so there will always be enough seating for your guests! 

The Flexibility

It would have been fabulous when my three roommates and I hosted a friendsgiving and hosted 12 people in our apartment. Instead, we had to have friends also bring their dining table so there was enough seating — not ideal! It also would have been a major space-saver in the studio apartment I lived in for three years! We could have taken the leaves out to suit two people. 

It’s a table that shrinks and grows with your needs – definitely a plus in today’s world where many of us are changing living situations frequently! 

The Space-Saving Technology

I call this “technology” because I think it’s a very forward-thinking and unique idea! Transformer Table recently launched a coffee table to go along with the table. 

The Coffee Table is a $699 value and is currently free with the purchase of Transformer Table or Dining Set!

The coffee table allows you to sleekly store the extra leaves while not in use. Transformer Table recommends laying the leaves flat when not in use. This is truly the perfect solution!

The Coffee Table is pictured here with all of the leaves inserted.

The Table Choices

Transformer Table still offers some different seating options as well.

The Full Dining Set comes with the table and two benches to completely outfit the table. You get a bench for each side and you don’t have to worry about other seating. 

They also offer The Dining Set which comes with one bench — leaving you with the other side of the table to fill with the seating of your choice. I think this is suitable if you want to go for a specific look for your dining area. For example, go more bohemian with rattan chairs or more modern with metal ones. This option allows you to infused your own style into your space along with the functionality and flexibility of the table. 

You can also buy the table alone sans bench. Or just the bench in case you’ve purchased the table and changed your mind later. 

The Colors

Overall, I think Transformer Table has done an excellent job of selecting the colors for the table. There are currently four options:

These colors are simple and beautiful — and will match any design style, in my opinion!

The Coffee Table is a $699 value and is currently free with the purchase of Transformer Table or Dining Set!

The (possible) drawbacks:

One of the biggest things to note is that you can’t use the table outside. But their FAQ does say an outdoor table is coming soon! So if you were hoping to use it for that purpose, stay tuned!

Another potential drawback is storing the table panels. If you don’t have the coffee table, storing the panels, especially in a small space could be tricky. But luckily, you’re able to get a free coffee table (a $699 value!) for free with any Transformer Table or Dining Set purchase!

The final drawback, in my opinion, is the financial investment. The table is made by hand with sustainably sourced materials, and the price tag reflects that. Luckily, they do offer financing options!  

Overall Thoughts on Transformer Table

Overall, I really love the functionality and look of the table. I can see it easily fitting into our spaces in the future. It’s a quality piece that will stand the test of time. I like that the bench is also extendable so you’ll always have enough seating for your guests. 

While the table is an investment, I think it’s a worthwhile one – especially as it is made with care and responsibility sourced materials. 

Purchase The Transformer Table or Dining Set here and get a free coffee table ($699 value) with your purchase! 


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