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4 Things to Consider Before Moving

The mixed feelings of delight and relief when you buy your first property cannot be beaten. Even if it is a small, poky home which will only suit you and your partner for a year or two, once you’re on the property ladder you will be on it for life.

You are fully aware of the 5 P’s of moving; preparing, procuring, purging, packing and panicking. Why on earth would you want to put yourself through this again? Well, you might find yourself moving to a new location for work or needing a bigger space for your growing family.

Here’s how to approach the big move and make the important decisions ahead of you:

Figure Our Your “Why”

One of your sole reasons for selling a home will be that you’re looking for something bigger or better than your current property. Nobody moves house just for the sake of it; there is always an underlying reason. Pinpoint why you (and your significant other) want a change of scenery. Are you looking to start a family? Are you starting a business from home and need more space? Whatever your reason, make sure that you have a clear idea of what you both require from the new property. This will make it easier to weed out the unsuitable houses from your options.

Location Situation

When it comes to moving house location is often a key deciding factor for a young, working couple. Do you need to be close to transportation? Are you near enough to your job? Make sure you have a solid idea of which areas you would like to live and which districts would be practical for you. You will only be wasting your time by looking at properties in areas that don’t suit your needs and lifestyles.

Precision Decisions

A handy way of narrowing down your options when looking for houses is to make a list of the most important features. In order of most importance list the elements of a home which would be ideal for you. From the garden to the number of bedrooms, assess what is essential and what would be considered a luxury.

Knowing what is a “need” vs a “want” will help you narrow down properties that will work for you.

Discuss Don’t Fuss

The most important part of moving house is to communicate with your partner. Discuss your options calmly and rationally and try not to make a fuss about the little things. If you both have the same aims in mind then house hunting should be a breeze. When you have disagreements make sure you hear each other out and come to a compromise.

Before you make your next move, choose your location wisely, consider what you need from your new home, and don’t rush into any hasty decisions. Make sure that you are viewing the house move as a long-term venture, so don’t settle for anything you’re not completely happy with.