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The truth behind investing in life-long friendships

Best friends

We talk about friendships a lot here at GenTwenty. Whether we’re graduating college, moving for a new job, or taking the next step with your significant other, as twenty-somethings we require constant support from our friends. The thing about being a twenty-something, however, is most of us haven’t quite settled down yet. That’s not a bad thing, but it does mean we have to put a little more work into our friendships.

We’ve already talked about how hard adult friendships are to keep. Gone are the days when you would see your best friend across the hall in your dorm or every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in class. Investing in meaningful, lifelong friendships now is important, because life isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

Investing in lifelong friendships means being thoughtful and intentional when it comes to being a good friend. Time is more and more precious as we enter our twenties and beyond. Even if you are a social butterfly, it’s becomes harder and harder to maintain meaningful friendships with all 1,200 of your Facebook friends. We all must ensure we’re investing in those few people who you have real connections with, the people you can see yourself caring about at fifty-five as well as twenty-five.

It doesn’t matter if you met these friends in first grade or used our advice on how to make friends as an adult here on GenTwenty. Being able to identify people who care for you, build you up, and make you happy is essential. Don’t make the mistake of thinking all of your friends have to be friends with each other. It is important, after all, to diversify your investments!

Remember, investing in lifelong friendships—like investing in the stock market—means accepting the ups and downs along the way. There’s no sense in jumping ship after every dip. If that were the case, you’d never reap the rewards! Pushing through the rough patches, be it a fight, distance or just finding the time to be a good friend, will make the payoff that much sweeter.

So whether your lifelong friends are a state away or the cubical over, a block down the street, or half a world away, make sure you’re giving them the attention they deserve. Tell them how much you care. Let them be there when things get rough. Send them flowers because it’s Monday. Call them on your commute. Remember that while investments in friendship may take work, you get to do it all with your best friends by your side.

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Caroline holds a B.A. in English Literature from Westminster College in Fulton, MO. She is a copywriter and currently works for a midwest-based jewelry company. Caroline loves reading, traveling, binge watching anything on Netflix and elevating everyday life.