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The lessons we can learn from our favorite superheroes


Everyone loves a good superhero, right?  Whether you’re into comic books or if big summer blockbusters are more your thing, there’s something thrilling about watching someone with superhuman abilities in a swanky costume kick some bad guy ass and save the day.  But besides being brain and eye candy, superheroes prove to be a source of wisdom; there’s a lot you can learn from watching The Dark Knight on repeat.  For example…

Everyone has a dark side
There are your stereotypical superheroes, like Captain America or Superman, who are good and do good things and think good thoughts.  And then there are villains, like the Joker or Magneto, who like to blow things up and revel in being bad.  But then there are those tricky in-betweeners: the anti-heroes.  One moment they’re helping to save the day and fighting alongside the good guys, and the next they’re robbing a bank and holding the mayor hostage.  What gives?

Those antihero in-betweeners are probably the most relatable characters you could find in a comic book.  Nobody is purely good.  Anti-heroes like Catwoman and Hellboy embrace their duality, which is a lesson we can all learn from.  Realize that nobody is perfect, including yourself.  Everyone is flawed and makes mistakes.  The important thing is that you can acknowledge and accept those mistakes, while always trying to be your best.

Use your talents…no matter how strange
What is the Incredible Hulk good at?  Smashing.  What can Susan Storm do like nobody’s business?  Turn invisible.  They may not be the most practical talents, but when a superhero recognizes that they have a particular ability or strength that few others possess, they make the most of it.  Like superheroes, we mere mortals don’t really have a choice in what we are or aren’t good at.  Most talents are something innate—something that comes naturally.

Of course, with a little practice and honing of skill anyone can become decent at anything.  That being said, next time you recognize that you’re particularly good at something, take pride in it!  Maybe it’s not the most conventional gift, but use that gift nonetheless and know that you are one of a kind.

Take care of others
Why do superheroes do what they do?  They want to help people.  Anyone can challenge this logic, but I think the main reason a superhero fights maniacs or madmen or monsters or who knows what else on any given day is because they want to help people and keep others safe.  Most superheroes don’t get very much of a reward for their efforts besides fame and recognition.  But even so, most heroes wear masks or disguises and are only recognized while in costume, keeping their identity a secret.

A true superhero feels the drive to help people.  They use their skills or powers to keep others safe and expect little in return; nobody pays Spider-Man, after all.  But he continues to fight evil forces every day.  This might be the best superhero lesson yet.  If you could help someone, why wouldn’t you?  Life is rough enough as it is.  So next time you see someone in need, lend a hand.  You may not be listed alongside the ranks of Superman anytime soon, but you still made a difference to someone and that is what matters the most.

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Lindsey J. Gooden

Lindsey is a spooky girl and semi-goth living in Minneapolis with her handsome Taurus and baby cat, appropriately named after a demon. She is a chronic day-dreamer, imagining life as a best-selling novelist or a mortician. When she isn't reading or scribbling in her diary, she's chilling with her girlfriends, embarking on adventures, and doing her best to be the girl with the most cake. She's very shy and a lot like you, only obsessed with Trent Reznor.