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What Are The Best Secrets to a Successful Job Search

Navigating a job search poses several challenges. It’s a competitive market with the recession looming on the coattails of hiring freezes during the pandemic. Many people are re-entering the job market to find something new or aligned with their goals. 

A successful job search comes down to preparation and confidence. Here are some of the best secrets to a successful job search. 

What Are The Best Secrets to a Successful Job Search

Clarify Your Goals and Boundaries

Look within and reflect upon what you want and need from your next job. Create meaningful goals surrounding hours, remote flexibility, salary, benefits, etc. While you may have to compromise, these goals are a smart starting point for targeting your efforts.

It’s also essential to set boundaries regarding what you will and won’t accept. Burnout is pervasive and there’s been a paradigm shift in how we work since the pandemic. It’s alright to create boundaries as you explore new opportunities.

Find Your Dream Job on Lensa 

Job search can be a headache for millions worldwide in all industries. This is where Lensa comes into the picture to help alleviate the burden and all the unnecessary extra steps presented by the outdated recruitment methods. Lensa helps employers, staffing firms, RPOs, and Recruitment Ad Agencies connect with active, qualified, and interested job seekers through various products and services.

Lensa is one of the top recruitment and career platforms in the United States market, with +20 million registered users. 

The US job board’s mission is to give job seekers insight into the salaries, positions, diversity, career opportunities, and everything else they need to know to find their ideal employer. Using machine learning and AI, Lensa’s job search engine helps with providing the best options for job seekers based on real-time data.

Invest in Resume and Social Optimization

Applying to jobs is a form of marketing, and the product you’re selling is yourself.

In today’s job market, making your resume stand out is more important than ever. There are several ways to do this, and it often depends on the industry you’re in. Many people use creative methods to make their resumes more eye-catching. However, some people even falsify their qualifications or exaggerate their skills by printing diplomas to make their resumes more catchy. It’s important to remember that being honest and truthful is always the best policy when it comes to creating a resume.

As a marketer would create compelling advertising content that appeals to potential customers, you too must showcase your skills in the best possible light. 

Your resume and cover letter are the first touch point with a potential employer. Research how to find resume writers in your field and work with them to highlight your skills and expertise using modern best practices. This partnership is integral if you have a gap in your resume or you’re looking for new employment after a long period with one company.

It’s also beneficial to optimize your social media profiles to appeal to recruiters. A Workopolis survey indicated that 44% of employers have hired someone through social media. Furthermore, an astounding 93% of employers viewed a candidate’s social media profiles during the interview process. 

Audit your social media and remove anything controversial or untoward. Consider working with a service to assist with this process.

Cast a Wide Net

Think beyond the standard job search sites and cast a wide net when seeking employment. Rather than just using online job sites, attend job fairs and networking events. Consider the fact that everyone applies online. If you can connect in person, you have an opportunity to stand out.

Make Time for Research

Research the companies and brands you’d love to work for, even if they aren’t hiring. This provides an opportunity to connect with employees and leaders at those companies. Start jumping into conversations online about relevant topics so your name stands out in the hiring process.

It’s also integral to research the companies you’re applying to. Note key elements about their brand and business accomplishments to use in your application and interview. You should also bring three relevant questions with you to the interview to keep the conversation going and convey your interest.

Have References Ready

Having “references available upon request” is no longer sufficient. You should have references available and listed when you apply. Don’t wait to reach out and contact people who can speak to your character and work ethic before applying for jobs.

Many job seekers fail to ask for their references before applying for a job. It’s always a good idea to reconnect, get their permission, and alert them to who may be calling and for what role.

Share Your Knowledge 

Posting on social media may not seem like the best use of time during the job search, but it’s effective when used intentionally. Share industry-relevant articles on your social media with your thoughts and expertise included. In other words, don’t just reshare an article; add your context. 

To be successful in your job search, you must be organized, proactive, and communicative. Keep these secrets in mind as you pursue your next opportunity.