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30 Things I’m Looking Forward To Post-Pandemic

It’s no secret that people around the world are more eager than ever to get outside and experience what they call “hot girl summer.” post pandemic. 

I for one, am tired of zoom calls, socially distanced picnics, local activities, books I’ve already read and TV shows I’ve seen for the hundredth time. While all these things were great for the time being, I know many are in need of a change, or more importantly, an awakening.

30 Things I’m Looking Forward To Post-Pandemic

1. Sign up for a Travel Credit Card

If you haven’t done so already, I highly suggest signing up for a travel credit card that will compliment your lifestyle and spending habits so you can start saving money and earning points towards shopping, flights and hotels. Now that the world is opening back up, you’ll want to maximize those points as much as possible!

2. Plan a Trip Somewhere

Obviously, you’ll want somewhere to go with all those points you rack up. Plan an epic trip, somewhere you’ve always wanted to go or a place you were dreaming about during quarantine that you can now visit. There’s nothing like a rebirth of energy than traveling.

3. Go Shopping

Shopping in-store? What a concept. As the world moves toward favoring shopping online, there’s still excitement and satisfaction in being able to see and feel clothes and products in person before buying them. Take yourself on a window shopping or real shopping spree to see all the clothes you need to wear this summer!

4. Have Brunch Outdoors

A common topic among women specifically during the pandemic was brunch. Everyone missed having brunch outdoors with their friends for delicious breakfast and tasty cocktails. It’s such a fun activity and the options in most cities are endless.

5. Go for Drinks at a Rooftop

Nothing says summertime like drinks on a rooftop. The drinks, appetizers and amazing views combined with the company of loved ones incomparable to many other types of outings. It just makes you feel on top of the world!

6. See a Movie or a Show In-Theater

Who else missed movie theaters and being able to watch an actual live play? Being able to stream movies and plays at home is wonderful, but the experience of going to the theater, getting that buttery popcorn and watching a show with other people is truly a nostalgic feeling.

7. Spend the Day at The Beach

When’s the last time you went to the beach without being worried if too many people will be there? Spending the day at the beach, in the sand, swimming in the ocean, eating lunch and drinking some beers is one of the ultimate summer things to do and now it doesn’t matter if the beach is crowded. We can all have beach days together again.

8. Go to a Concert

There have been rumors floating around that when you attend your first concert post-pandemic, there will be tears. Many are taking advantage of live concerts to finally enjoy music with loved ones and fans. It’s the perfect way to embrace the summer spirit.

9. Host a Party

How fun would it be to host a party with your friends and/or your family? This is the perfect opportunity to help create memorable experiences for your loved ones after having such a hard year. Get creative and go nuts with food and decor!

10. Go to a Pool Party

Pool parties are classic summer staples and if you live near a city or want to host one yourself, they can be the ultimate thing to do this summer. Being in the sun, laying around on floats, having drinks and playing pool games is guaranteed to take you back to better times.

11. Join an In-Person Book Club

Virtual book clubs became popular during quarantine, but how awesome would it be to join one in-person?! Reading is so much more fun when you get to make friends and discuss the book details in person over food and a glass of wine.

12. Go to an Amusement Park

These were a huge no-no during the pandemic. When’s the last time you had an ice cream at an amusement park or went on a roller coaster? Find the closest amusement park to you or plan an epic trip to Disneyland or Universal.

13. Attend a Networking Event

So many events were sadly canceled in 2020. Now that in-person events and networking opportunities are on the rise, it’s never been a better time to get back out there and network for your role, career or business, whatever that may be.

14. Go on a Non-Socially Distanced Picnic

Yay! We can finally meet at parks and not sit 6 feet away from each other. Picnics in the park can be a blast, especially when you invite friends and bring food, music and games to enjoy together.

15. Organize a BBQ in the Park

Since most parks have BBQ grills and picnic areas, hosting a cookout with your friends and family is another great way to get fresh air and bring people together around food and outdoor activities.

16. Go Kayaking or Boating

Getting on the water is an excellent way to spend a hot summer day whether you want a challenging workout or a relaxing excursion. There’s endless tours and things you can do to explore new places and have a great time in nature.

17. Take a Sunset Boat Cruise

Taking a sunset boat cruise is truly magical, especially in the summertime. Many docking areas and cities have all types of sunset cruises whether you want a historic, educational or celebratory experience on the water.

18. Go Bar Hopping

It’s so exciting to be able to go back to bars again. Being able to enjoy drinks, actually sit AT the bar, play music on the juke box and enjoy a lively atmosphere is back! Find a couple bars you’ve been wanting to try and have a drink at each with friends.

19. Dress Up and Visit a Winery

Nothing screams “fabulous” like wearing a maxi dress, floppy hat, wedges and making your way to a winery. It’s truly one of the classiest and sophisticated experiences and almost every state in the US has several options to choose from!

20. Attend a Sporting Event

Whether you’re into sports or not, attending a game is always a fun idea. Baseball and golf are super popular in the summer and make for an awesome outdoor experience between the cheering fans, energy of the game and of course, the food.

21. Visit a New & Exciting Museum

There are seriously endless museums to explore in this world and the cool part is that so many are becoming more innovative and immersive. While you might not be keen on checking out a boring museum during hot girl summer, you’ll be surprised as to how many options there are.

22. Learn How to Make a New Dish at a Cooking Class

How fun would it be to attend a cooking class in person and learn how to make a new dish? There’s so many classes with different cuisines and options to pair it with drinks as well.

23. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

After the lack of proper pampering, it’s about time we all treat ourselves to a spa day, am I right? Spoil yourself by indulging in a massage, manicure, pedicure, hair blowout, sauna or whatever it is that relaxes you and makes you feel beautiful.

24. Organize a Dream Date with Your Significant Other or Friend

Now that the sky is (somewhat) the limit post-pandemic, why not plan the most epic date with your SO or friend? This can include restaurants, nature activities, exploration, relaxation, education, etc. If you could have the perfect day with someone, what would it be like?

25. Become a Tour Guide Through Airbnb

Did you know you can get paid by Airbnb to organize events and tours in your area?! This is a super cool way to meet new people, create amazing experiences and make a little extra cash along the way.

26. Sign Up for a New Fitness Class

Okay so whether you’re into the whole fitness thing or not, it’s super fun to try a class or something you haven’t done but always wanted to do. There’s yoga classes, spin classes, dance classes, Zumba classes, tennis lessons, etc. So many fun ways to get your body moving.

27. Go to The Doctor

Say whaaat? Yeah. Many people put off going to the doctor during the pandemic so even though we want to fully enjoy hot girl summer, we want to be sure we are healthy. Make those appointments you’ve been putting off that are long overdue.

28. Volunteer

Do something good and selfless for the community, whether local or abroad, to help those who are in need through volunteer work, charity and fundraising. A little goes a long way.

29. Surprise a Friend or Family Member

One of the most heart warming ways you can spend your summer is by seeing people you haven’t in quite a while. If it’s doable, why not surprise someone who lives a bit further away?

30. Do Something You’ve Always Wanted to Do

What is the number one thing you’ve always wanted to do? Travel across the world? Book it. Start your own business? Begin it. Learn how to ice skate? Start it. The world is here for us to explore in any way we want to. Might as well do whatever it is that makes us happy and never take that for granted again.

What’s on your summer to-do list this year? What did you miss the most?

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