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7 Signs A Gemini Woman Likes You

A Gemini woman is multifaceted. She is fun, flirty, intelligent, wise, and uniquely attractive. So, naturally, everyone wants to be her friend, and you can’t stop yourself from falling for her quirky personality. But due to her generally amiable personality, sometimes it gets hard to figure out whether she is into you.

Some Gemini quotes, astrology books, and zodiac personality profiles may help you figure out what a Gemini woman is all about. But it is important to note that only certain signs of the zodiac outwardly show that they are interested in someone. 

To help you out, we will shed some light on seven signs that a Gemini woman likes you and help you figure out where you stand with her. Let’s get started!

7 Signs A Gemini Woman Likes You

She Flirts With You A Lot

If she gives you compliments on little things you do or comments on your looks, she is probably interested in you. Gemini women are born flirts. So even though their everyday conversations are filled with flirty remarks and can make you feel confused, you will see that if she likes you, she will go out of her to show it to you.

She Lets You Speak

No other sign loves talking more than Geminis. A Gemini woman can go on for hours pouring her heart out. So if she gives you enough time to speak and listens to everything you say carefully, then it is a clear sign that she finds you fascinating and cares about your opinion.

A Gemini woman loves learning new things and sharing her knowledge with others, so if she allows you to speak and share your intellect with her, she probably has a crush on you. 

She Indulges In Interesting Conversations With You

When your conversation ranges from general life stuff to mind-boggling topics related to space or history, you should know that she wants to get to know you better.

A Gemini woman is attracted to people with an open-minded thought process whom she can talk to for hours. There is nothing she enjoys more than talking about the bigger things in life. Believe it or not, you will never run out of things to talk about when she is interested in you. 

She Supports You More Than Anyone

A Gemini woman does not stick around with the same person for too long because she gets bored easily. But if she has been hanging out with you for a long time, she will continue to be there by your side and support you no matter what.

You must have seen her gossiping about others, but when it comes to people gossiping about you, she will fight them tooth and nail to defend you. So now it is your turn to initiate a move because Gemini women love brave people who can share their feelings without hesitating. 

She Surprises You With Gifts Or Gestures

Gemini’s love language tends toward words of affirmation and receiving gifts. A Gemini woman loves to encourage her partner and support them through her words and actions.

She can also express her feelings for you through more subtle and creative gestures, so you might not even know what that random packet of your favorite chips or cute trinket she gave you was all about. This gesture shows how much effort she is putting into making you notice that she has feelings for you. 

She Looks Forward To Hanging Out With You Alone

When a Gemini woman is head over heels for you, she will look forward to spending time with you. We know it’s a universal fact that Geminis love being party animals and everyone’s go-to person for fun hangouts.

So if she is choosing to spend that time with you one-on-one, then you must know she chose you over everyone else. Just remember to try something new with her, make her laugh, and take her out for her favorite meals to make her love every moment she spends with you. 

She Shares Her Secrets With You

Gemini women are well-known for hiding their feelings and secretive personalities, but if she shares even a tiny detail about her emotions or her past, she is placing immense trust in you. And if you two have serious late-night chats with each other where she tells you about her dreams or future plans, consider yourself special.

So the next time she shows you her vulnerable side, count yourself lucky because you have a special place in her heart. 

In Summary: How To Know a Gemini Woman Likes You

The Gemini woman can be indecisive, vulnerable, and sometimes judgemental, but if she has an eye on someone, she will do everything she can to get your attention without being too obvious. We hope that you will look out for the signs mentioned above and pick up on those subtle hints she has been giving you for quite a while to take your relationship to the next level!

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