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5 Remedies For Your Hangover

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Ringing in the New Year with lots of memories, kisses, champagne… and the worst hangover ever. Sound familiar?

With the endless amounts of champagne and festive cocktails, it’s easy to let all those drinks catch up to you as you stay up past midnight celebrating with friends. While you might be having the time of your life, tomorrow’s hangover will be such a drag.

Don’t let that lingering headache and nausea that haunt you on the first day of the new year! Here are five remedies for your hangover:

Tip #1: Go green 

Before you head out to your holiday parties, the first thing you’ll want to do is eat something substantial. Most of us tend to reach for the carbs before a night of drinking. I’m guilty of it too!

Although the carbs in bread, pastas, and rice will soak up the alcohol, consuming greens such as asparagus, spinach, and broccoli, may be a more effective way to combat a hangover. Foods containing essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals help prevent hangovers, for various reasons. For example, asparagus has amino acids that help break down alcohol; Spinach and broccoli are high in fiber that help you feel full longer, so in theory, you will consume less alcohol. So, go eat your greens!

Tip #2: Take an IV therapy

Banana bag IV is a popular hangover remedy, and for good reason – they work! The banana bag helps to replenish electrolytes and fluids, and the IV provides faster absorption than oral rehydration methods. Plus, the banana bag iv also contains vitamins and minerals that help to boost energy levels and alleviate symptoms of dehydration. If you’re looking for a hangover cure that really works, try a banana bag IV at home which will instantly help you deal with dizziness and nausea. You’ll be feeling better in no time!

Tip #3: Keep it simple 

Around the holiday, we tend to indulge in fun festive cocktails that seem to be everywhere. I’m not saying don’t have them, just try and keep it limited and simple.

Instead of drinking festive cocktails all night that have tons of sugar in them (which causes hangover headaches), treat yourself to one and then keep it simple the rest of the night with a light beer or wine.

Tip: In between your alcoholic drinks, drink a glass of water (you’ll thank me later)!

Tip #4: Juice up 

Hydrating with other drinks such as sports drinks, coconut water, and Pedialyte are your best bet to conquer and prevent a hangover.

Sports drinks such as Gatorade provides electrolytes that replenish the body after a night of drinking; the mild flavors may be easier to stomach. Coconut water, a more natural option, provides five different electrolytes that are also found in the human body, and is an excellent option for rehydrating. Also, Pedialyte is the ultimate go-to for before and after long nights out on the town. It’s not just for babies, it’s electrolyte-heavy and aids dehydration.

Tip: These drinks work their best before you go out and when you come home.

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Tip #5: Sweat it out

The last thing you want to do is work out when you’re feeling like crap the next day. Most articles will say not to overdue it, and they are right. You don’t want to go for a HIIT workout or long run when your body can’t sustain the activity, but you can get your yoga on when you’re hung over.

Although it’s not scientifically proven, a few sun-salutations or a light yoga session will whisk away a hangover. How so? Your breathing and meditation exercises will help get the oxygen flowing and blood pumping, pushing hangover symptoms away.

Bonus Tip #6: Good ol’ “Hair of the Dog”

 Some people might think this method is a myth, I tend to find it the best way to cure a hangover — even though the last thing you want to do is put more alcohol into your system. Whether you’re heading out to brunch to the next day or are planning a movie day, consider sipping on a mimosa or a Bloody Mary.

Having a hangover can be one the worst feelings! They can prevent you from attending your plans the next day and can hang with you for an entire day. Even worse, a fun night out is proving to be more and more difficult to recover from as we get older. We have to take extra care of our bodies these days.

Try out any of these remedies for your hangover and to prevent your hangover and let us know below what worked for you!

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