3 Ways to Switch Up Your Workout Routine

If you’re bored with your same old workout routine, your muscles probably are, too. When you and your muscles are tired and bored, you’re less motivated and experience diminishing results.

So, how will you change your repetitive workouts and earn results? Switching up your workout routine will improve your entire body. If you’re a twenty-somethings who finds yourself on the elliptical every day trying to burn as many calories as possible, you might want to consider mixing in some these other workouts that will improve results while kicking your ass.


Trying out a yoga class or practicing yoga at home will improve your flexibility. Being flexible will help provide strength during your normal workout routine. Tight hips are an issue that all runners, cyclists, and other workout fanatics struggle with. Give those hips some love by trying various yoga motions. If you run on a daily basis, then it should keep your limbs stretched out and provide more flexibility for the next time you go out for a run.

“Yoga is the fountain of youth. You’re only as young as your spine is flexible,” stated by Ben Harper. As twenty-somethings we should stay flexible for as long as we can. Along with gaining more strength and flexibility, this type of workout offers you the benefits of better sleep at night, more energy in the morning, and improves body posture. Certain workouts will lead to bad posture if not done correctly. We’ve all been there with trying to perfect our squats!

Yoga has multiple benefits among them: peace. Being at peace with yourself will allow you to unwind and enjoy that dedicated time. Yoga is all about breathing. Practicing your breathing techniques can turn a stressful day into a stress-free day. Namaste!

Weight Lifting

Lifting weights are sometimes frowned upon by women because we don’t want to “get big” or “look like a man.” The truth of the matter is that it’s very hard to get big and bulky, unless training is your day job. Weight lifting comes with many benefits that will make switching up your routine easy.

Weight lifting tones the body while adding lean muscle at the same time. Incorporating weights into your workout routine is great for raising your heart rate without stepping foot onto a cardio machine. If you’re not one to find yourself implementing cardio within your workouts, weight lifting may become your best friend.

In order to keep track of your lifting, you can create a weight training plan. Creating a weight lifting plan will keep you and your workouts on track for the results you desire. Different weight training routines focus on a part or portion of the body. One day the plan will have you working solely on shoulders and back, and the next day will be focusing in on legs and booty. It all depends on what you’re aiming towards for the end result. Don’t be afraid to gain a little lean muscle while working out.


HIIT workouts are the newest fad when wanting to get in shape. High Intensity Interval Training allows you to incorporate all parts of your body while burning hundreds of calories. HIIT workouts are great to do at home because all you need is kick-ass attitude, a water bottle to hydrate, and five pound weights depending on the workout. These type of workouts are very efficient and effective if you’re in a time crunch.

If you can make time to attend a class, try a HIIT class. One HIIT class that to consider is spinning. Spinning allows you to take a break from your normal workout routine by incorporating high pace cardio. High pace cardio will get your heart rate pumping. By participating in high intensity interval training consisting of low-intensity efforts will boost your metabolism, burn calories and improve your overall cardiovascular health. 

Over and over again we naturally tend to do the same motions every day such as wake up, go to work, workout and then go to sleep. We wake up the next morning and do the routine all over again until the work week is over.

Finding different ways to switch up your workout routine will not only help improve other areas of fitness, but it will enhance your motivation to work out and try something new. Check out your local gyms and yoga studios to try out a new workout routine! And don’t forget to dress in style–working out is always more fun when you have colorful and fun workout gear!

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