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5 Reasons to Change Direction in Your Career

If you're regularly and consistently, feeling unmotivated, unchallenged, and unhappy--it's probably time to consider changing direction in your career.

There comes a time in most of our careers when our work becomes stale. Even for us twenty-somethings who are only just beginning our professional roles can experience moments of mundane, uninspiring work.

Times of dull routine, meaningless tasks, and generic “busy work” often lead to young professionals feeling unfulfilled and burnt out.

If these feelings become all too regular and consistent, it’s probably time to consider changing direction in your career.

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What does it mean to change direction when it comes to career? Well, oftentimes this involves reassessing your professional goals. Consider these questions:

  • Are you working for a company that matches your values and mission?
  • Is your current role providing you with constant growth, room to improve your skills, and/or challenges?
  • Are you on the right track to eventually earn a promotion and chase after that vertical mobility we all desire?

If your answer to most of these questions is “no,” you’re probably in need of a career change.

Here are 5 reasons to change direction in your career:

1.You’re not growing.

If your current gig isn’t expanding your skills and talents, chances are it isn’t going to down the road.

The earlier you are in your career, the sooner you should be picking up new skills.

Jobs challenge us, especially in the beginning. If you’re not growing now, you need to change gears so you can grow somewhere else.

2. You’re not passionate about your work.

It’s normal to experience challenging tasks that consume your day, but when you don’t feel even remotely passionate about the nature of your work, it’s a sure sign you’re not in the right career.

Consider brainstorming what you are passionate about. If the employer you work for doesn’t offer any positions that match your passions, it’s clear you need to reconsider your job situation.

If money permits, choose passion first.

3. You dread going to work each day.

If waking up in the morning fills you with regret the moment you begin getting ready for work, you need to take a look at your career.

Yes, it’s essential to work regularly to pay your bills, but at what expense? The expense of your happiness, mental sanity, and inspiration? Let’s hope not.

Consider changing direction in your career if this is the case.

4. You feel like you’re settling.

Most of us can tell if we’re going to stick with a job early on. It doesn’t take years of working at a company to wonder if we feel it’s the right fit.

If you feel like your current gig is temporary or like you’re settling, chances are it’s time to move on. Don’t waste more time than necessary in a career that makes you feel stuck.

You’re worth far more than that and your current job won’t be your last.

5. You’re already looking for something different.

If you find yourself looking on job boards, networking with professionals, or researching potential careers then it’s time to take your job search more seriously. If this describes you, you’re in need of change.

Take your silent cues as an opportunity to better search for the right fit. If you’re looking for a change, chances are it’s your subconscious clueing you in that you need a new job.

Changing direction in your career is absolutely normal, no matter what stage of your career you’re in.

Don’t be afraid to put happiness first. Money will come later. Follow your passions and chase your dreams. Never settle for the sake of a paycheck. You are worth so much more than a dollar amount.

It’s hard advice to swallow with student debt and rent sucking through your bank account, but know that this is merely a phase. If you really believe finding the right career will make a positive difference in your life, do it!

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