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How To Keep Your Life On Track By Prioritizing Successfully

Need to get your shit together but have no clue where to start? It comes down to your priorities and a whole lot of discipline. We break it down in this post (pin to read later!).

In this crazy life, it’s all about prioritizing. Learning how to prioritize will help you stay organized, be more efficient, confident, and happy.

There are so many levels of prioritization and without keeping them in check, we would be stressed constantly! Learning how to organize your life will let you be the rockstar that you are.

When you lead an extraordinary life, it usually means you made an effort to get there because a great life doesn’t just happen on it’s own. It’s all about creating a life you want to live and creating yourself. This comes with patience, determination, a goal-oriented mindset, and most importantly, prioritization.

When attempting to prioritize your life, it’s crucial to ask yourself some questions. You’ll need to evaluate what it is you’re after and how much time you have to get there. You can use this method for long or short-term results, as long as you define what needs to be done in order to reach success.

Questions To Ask Yourself

The questions below are based off suggested priorities that you may value in your life. If you have others you prefer or want to add, please do so! There are no limits here.


  • What are my goals for the year? (free worksheet!)
  • What are my goals for this month?
  • What are my goals for this week?
  • What needs to happen in order to reach success? (What milestones and timeline is realistic?)
  • How will I know when I’m successful? (Use numbers and clear, defined metrics when possible.)


  • How important are the people in my life?
  • Do I spend enough time with them?
  • Do I truly value/treat the people in my life the way they should be treated?
  • Are there people I shouldn’t have in my life?
  • Do I have any toxic relationships?


  • Do I have appropriate/healthy hobbies?
  • Do I make I make time for them?
  • Do they make me a better person/teach me something?
  • Are there any other important hobbies I can adopt?
  • Do my hobbies add to my overall quality of life?


  • Are my obligations in life rational?
  • Am I happy with the obligations I have in my life?
  • How much effort do my obligations take?
  • Are there reasons why my obligations wouldn’t be fair?
  • Do I have choices when it comes to my obligations?

Ask yourself these questions, and you’ll find how many of the answers will actually help guide you. Maybe some of these questions will inspire you to ask more in-depth questions or create insight that you might not have had beforehand.

Using color schemes for levels of importance is also another trick. When prioritizing your life, however you choose to do so, get creative and add some color.

Use red for high-priority tasks, orange for medium-priority tasks and light blue for low-priority tasks. These are just suggestions and can always be swapped for something else. Make it your own and most of all, make it fun.

Organization Methods 

Invest in a planner, phone app, spreadsheet or document that will organize everything for you.

Go online and search for personal planners that you can carry around with you so you never miss a step.

This will keep you intrigued, motivated and on track. It not only benefits your daily life, but can help you stay organized at work too! A win-win.

Another way to stay more organized and on-top of your tasks/goals is to set yourself alerts. Google calendar is my go-to for reminding myself what needs to get done.

Color coding your planner can help you stay organized and plan better!

Maybe you prefer physical means of achieving your goals. Buy a cool whiteboard for your room from Target or something and start brainstorming in your bedroom with some magic markers. That way you never forget something and can get into the habit of organizing your priorities with a more engaging approach.


My best advice when attempting to sort out your priorities is balance. Balance is one of the most important actions to pursue in your life. Everything in moderation, as they say.

Don’t overdo it, work yourself to the ground or create unrealistic or unattainable goals for yourself. Remember that these things take time, effort and patience. There’s no use in overloading with too much to handle when you can simply keep it balanced and healthy.

An extra word of advice is to stay hydrated. It might sound odd since I’m not giving health advice, but water benefits your life in its entirety by keeping you focused, motivated and strong.

A clear mind and a can-do attitude starts with your body and the ability to keep going. Take care of yourself and you’ll accomplish more than you think.


The results, as always, are the most anticipated and important aspect of prioritization. You’ll find that by organizing your life, your mindset and overall happiness will improve.

Staying organized and prioritizing eliminates stress that would otherwise reproduce from lack of attention. Not only does it benefit your attitude and ability to tackle your tasks, but it has the ability to contribute to to other areas of your life. Like self-worth, satisfaction, purpose, motivation, and excitement for the future.

Get on the priority band wagon today and stop wasting time dreading what you have to do. You”ll feel better about your priorities, better about your life and most of all, better about yourself.

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