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A Lesson in Patience: Why Waiting Really Isn’t So Bad

A Lesson in Patience: Why Waiting Really Isn't So Bad

Why for some reason do we all hate to wait these days? It’s almost like we all forgot about that character trait of patience and we need everything right now.We tap our foot when we are waiting 10 minutes for a coffee and we can’t believe it would take three weeks for a package to be delivered.

Why are we all in such a rush these days, and when did we all get such a sense on entitlement? I’m not really sure, but I definitely have to slow myself down sometimes and remind myself that waiting isn’t that bad. I don’t always have to be first and having to be patient can teach me a thing or two.

Here are a few ways to bring the waiting game back into perspective:

1. Breathe: This might seem like a funny suggestion, but really, are you going to die if there are 10 people ahead of you in the line at Sephora? No. Even if you have a place to be, stressing about it will not make things better. It only creates a negative vibe which we bring into our next task for the day. Take a few moments and clear your head. You’d be surprised how much it helps.

2. Enjoy the process: It could be anything from rushing through an essay for school to training for your first marathon. Even though you want to get to the finish line as quickly as possible, embrace the time you are getting in-between. Enjoy the things the process is teaching you, the people you have met along the way, as well as the different emotions it has caused you to feel. Paving your path through life isn’t easy, but if you try to rush through it, you will miss out on the best parts.

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3. Make patience a habit: Each and every day, take a few minutes to wait. To slow down your daily routine and realize that it doesn’t have to be so rushed and you don’t have to be the first one to complete a task. Like anything else, being a patient person is a learned skill. So, there is nothing wrong with slowing down and allowing yourself to remember what that feels like.

4. Remember what is making you feel rushed: Is there a certain trigger in your life that is causing you to tell rushed and impatient? Maybe it’s time to re-think what is most important to you. Taking that specific trigger out of your daily life might allow you to feel less stressed and give you some breathing room at the same time. Try one of these Motivational Mantras to help slow you down.

All in all, patience is such a great quality and can help in all aspects of life. Being millennials, we seem to have lost that frame of mind and we expect things to be handed to us. Just remember what the final goal is — win or lose, it’s about the process.

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Keenyn Bijou

Keenyn graduated from NAIT Business School where she majored in Marketing and Advertising. She enjoys sports, photography, and writing. She hopes to make a positive impact in a company through her expertise and ethics.