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Lessons in Love: When to Walk Away

When to walk away from a relationship

How do you look at someone you love and tell yourself it’s time to walk away? – The Vow

Love is one of the most beautiful things we as human beings can give to one another but what happens when that love no longer makes us happy? Often times we fall in love with people long before we know who they really are. When you have already made the investment in love, it’s hard to turn back. We get so caught up in trying to fix the problem instead of knowing when enough is enough. How do we know when it’s time to walk away?

You’re unhappy. Plain and simple, the relationship brings you down.

You’re fighting all the time. Life is too short.

You’re never together. Gone are the days of spending time together and all you can think about is how much you’d rather be hanging out with your girlfriends.

No communication. You don’t care enough to tell each other things.

It’s not fun anymore. Making time for a little horse play is always good for the soul and what’s good for the soul is always good for the relationship.

You have serious doubts. You doubt whether or not this person is really the one. You wonder what life would be like with someone else.

You have voiced your concerns with friends and family. If you’re at the point where you are telling your friends and family about your troubles, it might be time to consider where the relationship is really going.

If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind a time or two, you’re probably having some very serious doubts about the relationship you are in. First, you have to get to the root of all your problems by asking yourself what is really going on. Be open, prepared and aware for the many questions you are going to have to answer. Then you must talk with your partner and see if there is any chance at salvaging the relationship. If there is no chance at a balanced relationship then you have your answer.

Walking away from someone you still love is a grueling emotional process. But I promise you will get through it. In time, your heart will eventually heal and you will be stronger because of it. Have enough respect for yourself to know when it’s time to get out. Life is too short to be unhappy and why waste your time along with someone else’s if the relationship is simply not satisfying. Not only do you owe yourself the right to leave but more than that, you owe your partner the right to be happy, without you.

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