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How Your Holiday Spending Can Help You Invest

Investing is scary for many young adults, but it's not as complicated as you think. Here's a tip: Start with the stores you already shop at. Click through for more!

The end of the year is drawing near, and the pressure is on. Companies have just over a month to make their revenue forecasts and a limited amount of time to squeeze the last bit of money they can out of our pockets.

It seems that every year the Black Friday/Cyber Monday antics get crazier and crazier. Getting your head above the frenzy of consumerism during this time is important.

Here are two ideas that may help:

1. First, make a list.

Never shop without a list. From groceries to holiday gifts, make a list and stick to it.

Lists are the easiest way of staying on budget and from preventing yourself from buying things you don’t need, or weren’t planning on getting until you spotted the irresistible holiday deal.

2. Second, keep your eyes peeled for gifts and products that stand out.

Listen for the brands or products that people around you are talking about. You’ll be out there shopping, watching ads and seeing what’s resonating with people.  A lot of information is going to pass by your filter.

Keep an eye out for the companies and brands that impress you. Then, take a closer look at that short-list to see if any of those companies would make for a good investment opportunity for you.

People are smart — after all, we vote with our wallets every day — so it’s not such a giant leap to use the knowledge you already have from the consumer realm to start investing.

As you dip into your wallet over the next few months, keep this in mind: If you like a product or brand enough to buy it once (as a customer), maybe it’s worth finding out whether buying it a second time (as an investor) could help your financial future.

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And this is where GoldBean can help. GoldBean can show you which companies from your spending history are good investment opportunities for you. From there, you can add those companies and others to a virtual portfolio to practice investing or even a real portfolio if you’re ready to take the plunge.

So this holiday season, take an extra second to think about the companies, brands, and industries that you’re buying from.

You’re giving these companies your hard-earned money after all. You might as well see if you can get something back in return by exploring if they could be a good investment opportunities for you.

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