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How to Stick to a Schedule

Making a schedule and sticking to it can be challenging! It’s so easy to get your planner or calendar out and put your whole schedule in it. I’m here to show you how to stick to a schedule so you’re set up for success.

It’s a whole other thing to actually stick to it. For those of you who have that difficulty, I am here to help you.

If you are like me, owning a calendar or some type of planner helps to organize your life. Plus I love pretty planners and notebooks! Who doesn’t?! 

I am a busy mom, who works a full-time job and has many other extra curricular things going on in my life. I am and will always be in need of some kin of schedule in my life. Otherwise, how would I fit everything in? Sticking to a schedule and staying on track with it can be tricky when you’re so busy.

Life gets crazy and you say, “oh I will get to that later”, or “I’ll fit that in tomorrow instead”. But what happens? That task you pushed off keeps getting pushed farther and farther out.

Until, inevitably, you either forget about it or or don’t do it all. Then, there goes your schedule. That’s why you need to figure out how to make a schedule that works for you (which is the biggest secret for how to stick to a schedule)!

How to Stick to a Schedule

Choose the best method of organization for you.

To start, we need to first figure out which type of organization you are into and what works best for you and your lifestyle. There are a variety of options from calendar/planner apps, to having a physical paper planner/calendar to write in. Whatever you choose make sure it’s something you know you can stick with.

For those who are more likely to utilize their smart phones, the app versions will be better for you. But if you are more old fashioned like me, writing things down may help you to stick with something more, and to remember it better as well. 

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The pro of paper planners is there are so many to choose from and different layouts as well. You can have a compact planner or a giant one, if that’s what is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes. Pick you planner or calendar of choice and then, start using it. 

You also need to write down everything in your planner. Every appointment, everything you want to do for yourself, every task you have to do everyday.  Our schedules our made up of mundane things and fully outfitted with the things we want to do. The things we *have* to do are ultimately what holds our schedules in place.

Make a schedule.

So, when you are making a schedule the way I like to start is at the beginning of the year. First mark down all of your regular yearly calendar events. Then if you already have appointments scheduled, get those in too.

Now, look at your year. Set your goals, tasks and anything you want to accomplish for the year.

Next, is your daily schedule. Start narrowing it down to what your month looks like, and then, what your week looks like. I pick a day each week where I sit down and plan out my schedule for the week and then I can also see what is coming up within that week.

It’s just another way to mentally prepare and remind yourself of that week’s scheduled events or appointments. Write down your schedule by bullet points or even in a timed format. For instance, if you have a lot going on throughout each day.

Write out your schedule with time blocks and give yourself enough time to complete each task. This will ensure punctuality and efficacy in completing what’s on your schedule.

Sticking to your schedule.

Ok friends, we have gotten this far, don’t quit on me now. This is where you will either succeed or…not succeed. So you have your beautiful planner all filled out. Or you have your app completely set up with reminders for everything. Now, you need to stick to it.

Also, not only should you stick to your schedule, but you need to commit to making this schedule every week or month. The key here, is to stay consistent and follow through.

So you have made your schedule for the week. The week is here and then it has passed. It’s now Sunday.

Look back at your schedule for the week and check off or cross out what you completed. If you are really eager, do this part daily to stay on top of it. But by doing this, you know you have completed everything for your week and it’s such an accomplishing feeling!

Make sure if there was anything you didn’t or couldn’t get to, that you reschedule anything that you can as soon as possible. Stay on track and if you fall off track, it happens! Just get back on track as soon as you can.

Making a schedule is a great way to stay organized when you have a busy day to day life. It’s also imperative to stick to it if you want to be successful with keeping to your schedule. Make sure you choose the right type of planner/calendar for you and if you find that it doesn’t work then try a new one.

There are a variety of different ways to succeed. Make you schedule, plan accordingly, review it at the end of your week ,and lastly, stick to it.

What is your favorite method of planner/calendar to use for making your daily schedule?

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