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50 Hard Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Reach Your Goals

So you wanna reach your goals, huh? Congrats! I’ve got 50 hard questions to ask yourself that will help you reach your goals.

 But I’m going to be blunt with you—it really is not an easy path. You probably know this already, which is great. Then why haven’t you reached your goals yet?

You probably have had some setbacks. It happens to all of us. The important thing is to get back on the horse and drive towards your goals.

It can be a rocky road, filled with lots of ups and downs, but in the end, it will be worth it. How can you do this? By asking yourself the following 50 questions.

Answering them will help you get towards reaching your goals. And don’t worry, you do not need to share the answers to these questions with anyone but yourself! It is important to be true to yourself in your answers to these, so that they can accurately and efficiently guide you to your goals.

50 Hard Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Reach Your Goals

  1. What matters the most to me in my life, right now?
  2. What are the values and priorities I always want to keep with me throughout my life, no matter what?
  3. What will matter the most to me in my life five years from now?
  4. Where do I want to be in my life five years from now?
  5. What do I want to get done by the end of this year?
  6. What things do I want to accomplish by the end of my life?
  7. What would my ideal life look like?
  8. Do my actions currently reflect what matters the most to me?
  9. Who do I have in my life right now?
  10. Are the people in my life positive influences in my life or negative influences?
  11. What is the motivation or driving factor behind creating these goals?
  12. What do I enjoy doing most in my life?
  13. Are my goals to general?
  14. What specifically do I want to accomplish?
  15. Have I already tried to reach these goals?
  16. What progress have I made so far?
  17. Have I measured the progress of my goals?
  18. Are there ways that I can get there faster?
  19. What are some shorter-term goals that I can make to help me reach my longer-term goals?
  20. Are my goals realistic?
  21. What are my means and can I reach my goals within them?
  22. What have I been putting off for later?
  23. Which of the things I have been putting off should I really be doing now?
  24. What went wrong the last time I tried to achieve these goals?
  25. What else have I tried so far to reach these goals?
  26. Have I written down my goals?
  27. How often do I review my goals?
  28. Am I trying to achieve too many goals at once?
  29. Do my goals have any deadlines I need to be conscious of?
  30. What have I always wanted to try but have been scared to?
  31. Are my goals SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timed)?
  32. How am I approaching my goals?
  33. Should I be approaching my goals in a different way?
  34. What has gotten in my way previously to achieving my goals?
  35. Have I gotten in my own way of achieving these goals?
  36. Is there someone else in my life who has gotten in my way of achieving these goals?
  37. What do I have coming up in the near future (12-18 months) that will affect me achieving my goals?
  38. What do I have coming up in the further future (18+ months) that will affect me achieving my goals?
  39. What did I want to accomplish last year that I did not?
  40. Why was I not able to accomplish that last year?
  41. Am I taking the right steps towards my goals?
  42. Who have I not spoken to lately that could help me in my path to reaching my goals?
  43. Is there someone new I should connect with who can help me?
  44. What’s the longer term focus for once I reach these goals?
  45. If a genie were to grant me three wishes to be successful in whatever I wanted (and guaranteed not to fail), what would I choose?
  46. If I were to win $1,000,000 outright, what would be the first thing I did with that money?
  47. If my entire life had to stay the same forever, what goal would positively impact my life the most?
  48. If you only had six months to live, would you live your life any differently?
  49. Am I willing to do whatever it takes to reach my goals?
  50. What sacrifices am I really willing to make to reach my goals?

Let us know if you find some clarity after you ask yourself these questions!

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Michelle Ioannou

Michelle graduated from Fordham University with a Bachelors of Arts '13 and a Master of Arts '14. She's currently working in corporate America with a side of freelance writing. She wants you to learn from her experiences and mistakes so your 20s can be your best decade. When she's not working, she's likely planning her escape to a tropical island.