fun fall date ideas

So, summer was a blast but it’s come to an end. The days are getting cooler, holidays are coming up, and the leaves are turning stunning shades of red, orange, and gold. It almost feels, dare I say it, romantic?

There’s something about Fall that makes you want to spend time with someone special. They don’t call it “cuffing season” for no reason, right? Luckily, Fall is filled with so many exciting seasonal things to do with that special person, no matter the stage of your relationship. Here are 10 of our favorite fun Fall date ideas.

10 Fun Fall Date Ideas

1. Camping/Glamping

What’s more romantic than spending time together in the peace and quiet of nature? You can layout under the stars or get cozy by the fire. Or, if a tent isn’t your style, try glamping!

Glamping, or “glamorous camping” is a little less traditional with added comforts such as a bed, running water, and sometimes even air conditioning. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with a weekend getaway to enjoy nature and your loved one.

2. Scenic Drive

This idea is a more basic one that you can make your own. No one can deny that Fall is a beautiful time of year. Sometimes there’s nothing more enjoyable or relaxing than a scenic drive with someone special.

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You can listen to music, talk about whatever, and enjoy the unique colors of every tree. Just the two of you. Drive around town, or use this as an excuse to go somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit.

3. Haunted House/Maze

Is it really Fall if you don’t go to one haunted house or maze? These spooky staples are perfect for an exciting date night. Not only can you enjoy a scare or two, but you’ll also have a good excuse to wrap up in each other’s arms.

4. Decorate Pumpkins

Take some time to embrace your creative side and carve some pumpkins! You can even make a day out of it and go pumpkin picking in a pumpkin patch to pick the perfect ones. They don’t have to be perfect, just have fun. For a safer and more colorful option, you can even paint them.

5. Bonfire

This date idea is something you can do together, or invite a few friends. Make it as romantic or as casual as you like. Nothing says cozy like spending time by the fire on a crisp night. Add some s’mores and a ghost story or two and you’re set for a good time.

6. Scary Movie

If you want to spend a little time indoors, why not snuggle up and settle in with a scary movie? How scary is up to you. If you’re a true horror fan, now is the time to indulge, But if not, why not check out some of the older classics? You may even get a few laughs.

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7. Fall Festival

One of my personal favorite fall date activities are Fall festivals. Check out the specifics in your town, but these festivals normally have it all. This one is focused a little less on romance and a little more on good, plain fun. You can spend an entire day shopping crafts, playing games, and eating all the fried and pumpkin spice foods your heart’s desire.

8. Bake/Cook

Still wanting to stay indoors? Find some fun fall recipes and give them a try. Because who doesn’t love food? Plan your date night around some savory chili and sweet pumpkin cookies. The possibilities are endless. There’s no doubt you’ll enjoy the time you spend working together to make a meal.

9. Picnic

Find a park, or really any scenic place, and enjoy a picnic. Embrace the cooler air with extra blankets and some hot apple cider. Bring whatever food you both enjoy and just relax. You can even take some time afterward and enjoy the space you’ve chosen with a walk, a board game, or a little frisbee with a few friends.

10. Halloween Party

Lastly, have some fun at a Halloween party. You can spend time before hand shopping for, or making, your Halloween costumes. You may even decide to go for a couple’s costume. Then spend the night eating, drinking, and dancing the night away.

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We hope you’ll be inspired by our favorite fall date ideas and we’d love to hear some of yours too!