Why It's Critical To Work For A Company That Values You

Most of us are at the workplace for the majority of our weeks. Forty-hour work weeks, and even possibly longer hours, are still quite common work situations that many twenty-somethings are finding themselves in. 

Can you imagine spending all of that time in a toxic environment? A big, fat, nope.

But sometimes, that’s what happens. And it’s at that time that you should begin looking for a new job, one at a company that values you. It will make all the difference, trust me. 

Why It’s Critical To Work For A Company That Values You

1. You Don’t Dread Going To Work 

Of course, no Monday (especially post-holiday) is easy, but there is a different kind of dread that accompanies going into a bad work environment.

When you work for a company that values you, that dread diminishes it. You know going into the office that the work you do while there will be valued and meant for something; you do not feel like you are simply wasting your time.

Plus, when you work for a company that values you, that means that the people there value you as well. This is an incentive as well, as you likely want to see these people as you enjoy spending time with them. They want to hear the ideas you have to share, they want your input, and they want to help turn your brainstorms into reality.

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Work can be fun, especially when you are appreciated!

Why It's Critical To Work For a Company That Values You

2. You Want To Work Harder 

When you are valued at work, that means your ideas are valued, too. This means there is a greater chance of them coming to fruition. This also likely means that you are in a supportive environment, surrounded by people who genuinely want you to prosper. All of this makes you want to work harder.

You want to come up with that next great idea. And you want to keep surprising these people. You want to make them happy because they are there for you. You’re invested in helping the company grow and succeed since this company supports you. You don’t mind staying later or putting in that extra effort because you know that it means something, both to you as a professional and to the company as a whole.

3. You Have Less Stress 

Work is one of the main reasons that people stress. Most of this stress happens under tight deadlines… or toxic environments. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why it is important to work for a company that values you — it helps to minimize the stress.

There are always moments of pressure (and deadlines) with any job, but that does not have to bring on severe, lack of sleep, level of stress. It is even worse when you are in an environment that does not value you because then you feel stress every day just by going into the office; you are surrounded by toxicity and unsupportive people.

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You can feel like you plateaued professionally and are not going anywhere. All of these negative feelings can lead to increased stress. Additionally, it can lead to stress being taken out at home, in your personal life. Working for a company that does not value you can have a negative impact on other aspects of your life too, and you may not even realize it.

Why It's Critical To Work For a Company That Values You

4. You Have More Career Growth Options

When you are in a supportive work environment and are working for a company that prioritizes employee experience, you have a better career path ahead of you. The company does not want to lose you. Your boss does not want to loss you. Your colleagues do not want to lose you.

In addition to all of this, if the unfortunate were to happen, they will want to take care of you as best as they can, by helping you find something else whether internally or externally.

Furthermore, if something does open up internally, your name may be up in conversation without you even knowing about it. When you work in a company that values you, your work is valued, and that goes a very long way.

As many of us spend the majority of our weeks at work, it is so important to find ourselves at a company that values us. Especially as you are still in our twenties and still at the beginning of your career paths, you want that bright future ahead of us.

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You want to know that your hard work is being acknowledge from now. Trust me, you want senior executives knowing your name and knowing your work ethic. You want to know that you will be taken care of in the event that something bad were to happen. You do not want to plateau and feel like you are no longer learning anything or that your work has become mundane and stagnant.

And arguably most importantly, you do not want work to negatively affect your mental health and rollover into your personal life. All of these are important reasons to make sure you are working for a company that values you.