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How To Use BULLIT To Manage Your Professional Reputation

This post is in collaboration with BULLIT.

There are some social networks that err on the side of personal use (Facebook and Instagram typically fall into this category) and others that are for connecting with your professional network (think LinkedIn). Like it or not, recruiters are using social media as a hiring tool — 93% of hiring managers are already Googling your name — and they see all types of information about you.

One key difference between the people who land the job or are promoted time and time again is that these individuals always highlight what makes them different and what makes them valuable.

By now most people have a degree of some sort, they have work experience, they work hard — what matters now is their characteristics, skills, and personality. These are often the defining factors of who gets the job. BULLIT, a new social media networking tool, provides your professional network with reviews and feedback on who you are as a person in a way that traditional social media does not.

Going beyond your resume, BULLIT gives you a platform to focus on what makes you uniquely great at your job. Here’s how:

What BULLIT is doing differently:

Anonymous reviews: BULLIT allows users to request and write anonymous reviews. They believe that the anonymous option encourages real and valuable feedback. This is the feature that makes BULLIT completely different from the networks we’re used to. 

Request reviews: Oftentimes many people forget to write you a reference or review after working with you. BULLIT makes it easy by allowing you to request a review from others.

Timely feedback: You usually have to wait several months or even annually to receive feedback. Unfortunately, this stunts our growth because we do not learn (or even know what our mistakes are) quickly enough. BULLIT allows you to ask for feedback immediately.

WordCloud: BULLIT brought back the word cloud as a one-touch tool that features words that describe your qualities, work ethic, and personality. You can feature your own words or pull words others used in their reviews and feedback. Other users can agree or disagree with the words in your cloud. And as always, you have complete control over what is displayed.

BULLIT score: The platform has its own scoring system that reflects your work style and habits. Other people score you based on these metrics (see below) to give a quick snapshot of your work ethic, compatibility, and team efforts.

B – Brains: Quick thinker or dim bulb?

U – Urgency: Are deadlines laws or suggestions?

L – Logic: Thinks clearly or makes easy things difficult?

L – Leadership: Deserves to be ship captain?

I – Imagination: Creative thinker or box dweller?

T – Trustworthiness: Straight shooter or misses the mark?

Hide unhelpful feedback: Their system is based on respect. They recognize that some reviews are unhelpful and unrepresentative of who you are. You have ability to hide or report scores and comment on reviews to encourage conversation.

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Who does BULLIT work best for?

BULLIT is a unique platform that allows users to give anonymous feedback and gives future employers or clients a quick snapshot of what your personality is like and what it is like to work with you. It can really work for almost anyone whether you’ve been working at the same company for years, have your own business, or are a new grad. Here are a few examples of BULLIT in use:

  • BULLIT works for anyone in a traditional industry in the standard 9-5 position because it gives an immediate way for you to ask for feedback from coworkers and colleagues.
  • It is also great for freelancers. Ask your clients to rate you and give you a review. Leave a link to your BULLIT profile on your website or list your BULLIT score social media so future clients can see what it is like to work with you.
  • It’s perfect for online business owners who don’t have a physical location and only their website for client referrals. It gives clients a way to provide feedback and show future customers the experience they can expect.
  • Are you a new grad? Request reviews from colleagues at your internship, summer job, professors or classmates to show future employers how you stand out among the rest.

BULLIT can also help you in your annual performance review by giving you evidence of the impact you make at your company leading to a potential raise, promotion or increased benefits. Talk about a winner!

No matter the situation, BULLIT works to create a digital footprint of your professional reputation on a case by case basis. Click here to download the app today and start enhancing your professional reputation right now.

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How BULLIT works:

1. Download the app. You can access BULLIT from the web by visiting or through the app store by clicking here.

2. Sign up and or sign in with an existing LinkedIn or Facebook profile: Doing this verifies your identity and gives BULLIT any existing feedback to use on your profile. (One of my pet peeves is having to create a new account; having this option makes it so easy!)

3. Set up your profile: In a few quick clicks, you will verify your name and current position. 

4. Connect with and invite your friends and colleagues: Invite your coworkers and friends on social media to join BULLIT so you can each leave reviews and feedback on each other’s profiles, add words to each other’s WordClouds, and rate each other on the BULLIT scale.

5. Request a review: BULLIT makes it easy to request a reference from someone. Simply input their contact information (or connect your phone or email address book) and the app will help you take care of the rest by sending off an email explaining how the platform works along with directions on how to leave feedback.

6. Write a review: Were you impressed by your coworker’s positive attitude last week as you pushed to meet a deadline? Say so!

7. Build your WordCloud: Your WordCloud is made up of words that describe you! Reviewers can add words, and agree or disagree with words in your cloud. Manage your WordCloud by clicking the “Edit” button.

8. Manage your account: Your BULLIT profile is a way for you to highlight what makes you so valuable but also to take feedback into consideration. If you feel a piece of feedback violates BULLIT’s Terms of Service or you disagree with it, you are more than welcome to remove or hide it at any time.

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