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6 Easy (Not Cheesy) Ways to Decorate for Fall

6 Easy (Not Cheesy) Ways to Decorate for Fall

Spooky season. Sweater weather. The best time of the year. Whatever you want to call it—it’s fall, y’all. The leaves are changing, pumpkin-spice-everything has hit grocery store shelves, and the autumn season is in full swing. Which means it’s time to decorate your space for fall.

Giant fake spiders crawling up the walls and goofy-grinning Jack-o-lanterns are one way to do it. But I like to keep my fall decorations a bit more low-key. As with most holiday décor, there’s a fine line between cute and just plain gaudy. So if you want to be festive without sacrificing your style, check out these easy (not cheesy) ways to decorate for fall.

6 Easy (Not Cheesy) Ways to Decorate for Fall

Decorate within your color scheme.

If black and orange isn’t your thing, don’t fret. You can find plenty of fall décor in a rainbow of colors if you’re willing to look for it.

For a subtler fall look, consider your existing, year-round décor and search for fall decorations that fit into that color palette. Colorful pumpkins, fall-themed art and accents, wreaths—these now all come in a wide variety of hues that you can match to your current color scheme.

Greet guests with a festive front door moment.

Decking out your door for fall is as simple as laying down a seasonal welcome mat or hanging up a wreath. If you don’t love the look of faux crafts store wreaths, pick up a natural one at your local farmer’s market or pumpkin patch.

Layer in plush pillows and throws.

As temperatures start to dip, cozy up your space with fabrics that feel like fall. Embrace the concept of hygge and pile on the pillows and throws in fabrics like velvet, cable-knit, plaid, or faux sheepskin.

You’ll want to stay snuggled up on the couch watching Hocus Pocus all season long.

Let words do the talking.

Signs with autumn-themed sayings are an easy way to pump up the fall spirit. Shop for ones with fun scripted fonts and a pretty frame to match.

Go ahead and get a little cutesy with the fall sayings—‘tis the season after all!

Fill your space with the scents of fall.

I believe decorating should be for all five senses (OK, maybe not taste). But who doesn’t want their home to smell like Spiced Chai or Pumpkin Vanilla Crème? Stock up on fall-scented candles and light them up!

Swap out art with fall prints.

If you already have framed art or photos around your space, you’re halfway there. Just swap autumn-themed prints into those frames and your normal shelf arrangement instantly becomes a fall display! Download designs on Etsy and print them yourself to keep things budget-friendly.

Decorating for fall doesn’t have to mean turning your space into full-on Halloweentown. With these easy fall decorating ideas, you can create a space that’s both festive and chic. (And save Halloweentown for your movie nights!)

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