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15 Movies and Shows to Get You Into a Fall Mood

Ahh, fall. Fall is such a special time because it allows us to step into a season of change both outdoors and in our lives. I’ve always been fascinated by the colors of the leaves and how drastically different it feels from summer. Kids head back to school, football starts and the weather quickly becomes chilly.

Nothing screams fall quite like sweaters, pumpkins, crunchy leaves, hot drinks and of course shows and movies that give us all the fall vibes. If you’re a fall lover than you love nothing more than curling up with a pumpkin spice latte, cozy blanket and good film to get you in the mood.

Here are a list of shows and movies to help you do that:

15 Movies and Shows to Get You Into a Fall Mood


American Horror Story

A truly terrorizing and disturbing show that covers a miniseries in each season. The show covers eerie topics like murder, asylums, covens, freak-shows, Apocalypse and so on. It’s the perfect show to get your scary vibes in and get ready for Halloween.

Gilmore Girls

The classic early 2000s comedy-drama with a mother and daughter who live in a small town and live off strong coffee and sarcasm. Gilmore Girls has that small-town feel with both like-able and unlikeable characters who can’t seem to mind their own business. 


This American teen drama that has been stealing hearts for its series based on the Archie Comics, highlighting the darkness that goes on in a small town.  

Stranger Things

The American science fiction horror-drama about a group of kids who experience supernatural activities, disappearances, psychokinetic abilities, conspiracy theories and more. The show is very well-known for its characterization, pacing, atmosphere, acting, soundtrack, directing and writing.



Not everyone is a fan of ghosts but Casper the friendly ghost is a different story. Through this 90s-energy film of a father and daughter who move to a mansion, they soon come across some strange characters that make their stay quite amusing, thrilling and adventurous. 

Good Will Hunting

A powerful story of an extremely troubled, mathematical genius from South Boston trying to reconcile his intelligence and understand where he belongs when a professor comes along and helps him realize exactly who he is.


THE movie to introduce not only nostalgia but Halloween-inspired magic with a town that is ALL about Halloween year-round. It truly is every Halloween-lovers dream. 

Harry Potter

Do you believe in magic? The Harry Potter series is perfect for all holidays as it creates the most magical and sensational atmosphere around Hogwarts and the boy who lived.

Hocus Pocus

One of the most watched and loved movies of the Halloween season. Hocus Pocus with its iconic shooting locations in Salem, Massachusetts continues to spark imaginations, spooky vibes and family-friendly gatherings during the fall months. 

Remember the Titans

One of the most iconic football movies of all time with the famous Denzel Washington, his leadership and coaching in diffusing rising racial tensions and a football team with the determination to win. 

Runaway Bride

A classic romantic comedy featuring Julia Roberts and co-star Richard Gear in an amusing and hilarious story of a bride from a small town who just can’t seem to say “I do.”


A heart-wrenching yet warming drama featuring Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts who play the roles of mom and stepmom as the family goes through waves of emotions and secrets.

Sweet Home Alabama

The sweetest southern-charm film featuring Reese Witherspoon who plays a NYC fashion designer who returns to her hometown in Alabama to set her divorce papers straight but ends up realizing what she’s been missing out on. 

The Blind Side

Based on a true story, orphan Michael Oher is taken under the wings of a southern, football-loving family who not only takes care of him, but instills confidence in his ability to do anything. 

When Harry Met Sally

A classic American comedy about two individuals who argue about whether men and women can be friends without any sexual relationship. An interesting plot to say the least. 

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